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April 2006

Release Date: April 7, 2006

Clarinetist, Pianist to Perform Exclusive Works

One of the Angelo State University music faculty's newest members, single reed instrument professor Tim Bonenfant, will join ASU piano professor Shannon Loehrke for a free clarinet and piano recital at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 25, in the recital hall of ASU's Carr Education-Fine Arts Building.

The duo will perform "Sonata No. 4" by Jean Xavier Lefevre, "Persona II" by Virko Baley, "Sonata" by Francis Poulenc, "Seasides" by Stephen Emmons and "Sonata, op. 120, no. 1 in F Minor" by Johannes Brahms.

The pieces by Baley and Emmons were written for Bonenfant. Baley, the subject of Bonenfant's doctoral dissertation, is a musician who lives and works in Las Vegas. Emmons is a professor of music theory at ASU, and Loehrke and Bonenfant's performance of "Seasides" will be the second performance of the piece.

For more information on this performance, call the ASU Department of Art and Music at 942-2085.

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