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April 2007

Release Date: April 23, 2007

ASU Survey Open to Public Interested in Distance Education Opportunities

The future of distance education is on the line at Angelo State University, which is preparing to increase the number and diversity of non-traditional classes and wants public input on designing a responsive distance education package.

Members of the public and students can participate in an online survey by going to through May 7. The survey, tailored to seek data from community members and area students as well as from ASU faculty and students, will gather information regarding preferences for online, night/weekend and off-site classes.

Dr. Grady Price Blount, who chairs ASU’s Subcommittee on Distance Education, said, “We want to design a distance education strategy that is responsive to what people tell us they want as opposed to our interpretation of what they want.”

Blount said the ideas and attitudes derived from survey respondents will help shape the subcommittee’s report which will be finalized by this summer.

The subcommittee’s goal is to craft a series of recommendations which will broaden ASU’s distance education class offerings and expand the opportunities for potential ASU students to take courses or work on undergraduate and graduate degrees in non-traditional formats.

Over the past year the subcommittee has been examining what markets ASU should target for future online courses; how those courses might increase summer enrollment; what incentives should be offered to faculty to develop online courses; what additional fees, if any, might be required for new courses; and whether completion of at least one online course should be required for graduation.

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