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December 2007

Release Date: December 11, 2007

Norris Family Endows $1 Million ASU Chair in International Business

The Lloyd Norris Family of San Angelo has donated $1 million to Angelo State University to establish ASU’s first endowed chair, the Norris Family Chair in International Business.

Lloyd Norris, speaking on behalf of his wife, Sheri, and daughters, Angela and Chancey, said his family felt compelled to make the gift because of the difference ASU has made in all their lives. Norris, Class of 1973, and both his daughters are ASU graduates. Norris is the former chairman of the board of Town & Country Food Stores and the current president of the ASU Alumni Association.

“We hope that our gift will spur other people on to give generously to ASU and provide the university the funds it needs to be an even greater institution than it is today,” Norris said. “We are very proud that we are able to give a gift of this magnitude to ASU.”

ASU President Joseph C. Rallo said, “This is a significant event in the history of Angelo State University because this is our first endowed chair. Although we have several endowed professorships, an endowed chair is the most prestigious academic appointment for faculty. I want to thank the Norris Family for their devotion to ASU and for their generosity in making this endowed chair possible.”

On behalf of the Texas Tech University System (TTUS), Chancellor Kent Hance said, “We are proud to be associated with Lloyd and Sheri Norris and their daughters. Lloyd is an example of what it means to be a success in business, in the community and in life. It is particularly appropriate that Angelo State University’s first endowed chair should come from Lloyd and his family because of the pivotal leadership role he played as president of the alumni association in moving ASU to the Texas Tech University System.”

The gift was publicly announced Tuesday, Dec. 11, during a reception attended by TTUS Board Chair F. Scott Dueser, Rallo, ASU faculty/staff and friends of the Norris Family.

Although an education major while attending ASU, Norris showed his business acumen while working part time for Town & Country Food Stores from 1970 through his 1973 graduation, when Town & Country Food Stores founder F.L. “Steve” Stephens offered him a permanent position with the firm. He has been with Town & Country ever since.

Norris started as supervisor for the Town & Country Food Stores in the Brownwood area, then returned to the corporate offices in San Angelo where over the years he headed various departments, including foodservice, store vendors and fuel. He later became senior vice president for petroleum marketing. In 2004 he became chairman of the board.

In 1999 Norris with five other partners bought Town & Country from Stephens, then later bought out two of those partners. Earlier this year, Norris and the three remaining partners sold the company to Susser Holdings of Corpus Christi. Norris plans to retire at the end of December.

In addition to being active in the ASU Alumni Association, Norris and Sheri have been involved in the ASU Host Family Program where volunteers serve as surrogate parents for international students attending ASU. Over the years, they have hosted students from Zimbabwe, India, Germany, Bangladesh and Russia.

“When Dr. Rallo approached me with the idea of endowing a chair in international business,” Norris said, “I thought it would be a good fit for us.”

Beyond his affiliation with the ASU Host Family Program, Norris is president of the Rio Concho Communities board. He is also a member of Sierra Vista United Methodist Church and the Optimist Club.

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