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June 2007

Release Date: June 14, 2007

TSUS Announces ASU Tuition Increase for Fall

Fall tuition rates for Angelo State University students will increase $14 per semester credit hour based upon determinations made and announced by the chancellor of the Texas State University System (TSUS).

The increase is in line with the recommendation submitted by ASU to the TSUS Board of Regents in November. At the November board meeting, regents authorized Chancellor Charles R. Matthews to make the final determination of the tuition of the nine schools, including ASU, in the system once the legislative session ended.

With the increase, ASU’s designated tuition, the portion determined by the university, will increase from $61 to $75 per semester credit hour. The total ASU tuition rate is a combination of designated tuition costs and the statutory tuition of $50 per semester credit hour established by the Texas Legislature. Total tuition costs for ASU students enrolling in the fall will be $125 per semester credit hour. At the November meeting, regents replaced previous course fees at all TSUS schools with a $1 per semester credit hour tuition hike, also effective this fall.

“The tuition increase authorized by the Texas State University System,” said ASU President Joseph C. Rallo, “will allow us to proceed as planned with our budget this fall.”

Based upon the level of funding provided by the legislature, Dr. Matthews determined that the ASU increase in tuition would be $14 per semester credit hour. The per semester hour increase will be expended as follows: $6 for faculty/staff salary increases; $2 for reallocation of expenses; $1 for salary equity adjustments; $2 for operating budget adjustments; and $3 for a 20 percent financial aid set aside to provide scholarships.

"Tuition increases are very difficult decisions,” said Dr. Rallo. “Historically, ASU has maintained affordable tuition and will continue to do so. However, without additional increases in state funding, it will be necessary to provide the required funds through tuition increases to offer the level of education students expect and we will provide.”

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