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November 2007

Release Date: November 14, 2007

Angelo State Biology Students Receive National Grants

Seven Angelo State University undergraduate students have received 2007-08 research grants from the national office of the Beta Beta Beta (Tri-Beta) Biology Honor Society.

The funds received by the ASU students total $2,785 and are the result of proposals written by the students and submitted to the Tri-Beta Foundation Research Scholarship Program. According to Dr. Crosby Jones, professor of biology, the grants are competitive and selections are made by committees of biology faculty from universities across the U.S. Sam Houston State University is the only other college in Texas to receive 2007-08 grants.

“This money represents external funding for the university, a rarity for undergraduates,” Jones said.

San Angelo senior biology major Jason Bodiford was granted $300 for his project “Comparison of Microbial Survival Times on Intentionally Contaminated Aluminum Foil and Stainless Steel.”

Senior biology major Cecily Haley of Friendswood received $310 for her project “Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus Biofilm Production in Response to Sublethal Tobramycin Concentrations.”

Matt Jackson, a senior biology major from Artesia, N.M., received $300 for his project “Ocular Tracking of Light by the Mexican Free-Tailed Bat (Tadarida brasiliensis).”

Senior math major J. Halley Newman of Fritch received $300 to work on “Delineation of Retinal Projection in the Mexican Free-Tailed Bat (Tadarida brasiliensis) Using Horse-Radish Peroxidase/Wheat Germ Agglutinin.”

Jason Strickland, a junior biology major from Seminole, received $300 toward his project “A Study of the Demography of the Western Cottonmouth Moccasin (Agkistrodon piscivorus leucostoma) at the Western Limit of its Range.”

Senior biology major Ashlee Stiles of The Colony received $600 for her project “Temporal Variation of Myoglobin Concentration in Flight and Cardiac Muscle of the Mexican Free-Tailed Bat (Tadarida brasiliensis).”

Hitisha Zaveri, a senior biochemistry major from Kolkata, India, was granted $675 to work on “The Influence of Culture Conditions on the Production of Enterotoxins in Staphylococcus aureus.”

Jones is the faculty research director on the projects of Bodiford, Haley and Zaveri. Dr. David Marsh, professor of biology, is the director for Jackson, Newman and Stiles. Strickland’s director is Dr. J. Kelly McCoy, head of the ASU Biology Department.

The grant recipients will present their findings at next year’s regional and national Tri-Beta conferences in Oklahoma and Kentucky.

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