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June 2011

Release Date: June 23, 2011ASU Logo

Assistance Programs Minimize Impact of ASU Increase in Tuition, Fees

Recognizing the impact of Angelo State University’s extensive federal assistance and scholarship programs in limiting out-of-pocket costs to the average ASU student, regents of the Texas Tech University System on Thursday (June 23) approved a 9.9 percent increase in tuition and fees for the 2011-12 academic year.

Under the new tuition and fee schedule, students taking a course load of 15 semester credit hours would see their tuition and fees go from $3,343.50 to $3,674.55, an increase of $331.05. However, ASU President Joseph C. Rallo said most students will not see that large of a hike in out-of-pocket cost due to the university’s extensive federal assistance and scholarship programs, which have increased 86 percent over the last four years. Unlike student loans, aid from these programs does not have to be repaid by the recipient.

“Angelo State University,” said Rallo, “remains committed to keeping a college education within the economic reach of all families. Since 2007 we have increased our scholarships and federal assistance from $18.5 million to $34.5 million. Despite the increases in tuition since then, the average out-of-pocket cost per student over the last four years has actually decreased, and we remain one of the best educational values in the nation.”

For instance, in 2007 the average out-of-pocket expense per student for the academic year was $1,156. By 2011, the average out-of-pocket expense had fallen to $919 due to the increase in federal assistance and scholarships to a larger percentage of students, as illustrated in this chart:

Tuition/Fees Scholarships/ Fed. Assistance Percentage Students Assisted Average Out-of-Pocket
2007 $26.6 million $18.5 million 70% 65% $1,156
2011 $41.6 million $34.5 million 83% 76% $919

Rallo said the change in the tuition-and-fee schedule was necessary to ensure that the university maintains its high standard of educational quality as well as to provide additional revenues to address reductions in state appropriations.

Additionally, regents adopted new rates for room and board. Based on a 10-month schedule, room rates beginning this fall would average $4,833, compared to $4,583 in 2010. Board for a seven-day, 21-meal plan would be $2,665 this fall, compared to $2,600 last fall.

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