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February 2002

Release Date: February 5, 2002

Welch Foundation Grants $75,000 to ASU Chemistry Department

The Angelo State University Chemistry Department has been awarded a three-year, $75,000 grant from the Robert A. Welch Foundation of Houston to support chemical research by ASU chemistry faculty and to broaden opportunities for students to study chemistry.

ASU will receive $25,000 annually beginning June 1 and running through May 31, 2005.

In addition to supporting faculty research, the grants are intended to provide opportunities for students to study chemistry in a less structured way.

Dr. George E. Shankle, who heads the ASU Chemistry and Biochemistry Department and will oversee the administration of the grant, said the funds will help the department in a variety of areas.

"What the grant allows us to do is give financial support to our current students and get them interested in doing research with faculty," Shankle said. "It helps our students in the job market and in applying for grad school. It also makes available research funding which can help recruit new students here."

Because of the flexibility of the monies, Shankle said they will allow students, under faculty supervision, to pursue both basic and applied research in chemistry.

Shankle said the grant reflects favorably on ASU's Chemistry and Biochemistry Department because of the competitiveness of the application process and the prestige of the Welch Foundation statewide.

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