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January 2002

Release Date: January 15, 2002

Junell Center/Stephens Arena Facts

For individuals with inquiring minds or questions about the new Junell Center/Stephens Arena, John H. Russell, assistant plant director for Angelo State University's Physical Plant, has provided the following facts and figures about the new multipurpose facility on the ASU campus:

Junell Center/Stephens Arena Facts
Cost: $21 million
Dimensions: Approximately 256 feet (east to west) by 228 feet (north to south)
Ticket Booths: 3
Concession Stands: 4
Restrooms: 18 (89 Toilets, 72 Lavatories)
Cinderblocks: Approximately 185,000 (equivalent of a wall 10 feet high and 670 feet long)
Bricks: Approximately 375,000 (equivalent of 30 brick homes)

Stephens Arena Facts:
Arena Area: 97,158 square feet
Ceiling Height: 68 feet
Basketball Court: 50 feet by 94 feet
Court and Border Design: 62 feet by 106 feet
Court Design By: Michael Martin
Scoreboards: 2
Video Screen: 9 feet by 12 feet

Floor Facts
Floor Surface: Maple
Floor Colors: Solar Yellow, Safety Red, Blueprint and White (Sherwin Williams)
Floor Finish: 3 coats of sealer, 3 coats of polyurethane
Center Court Basketball Diameter: 6 feet
StephensArena Graphic: 30 feet wide
Court Dimensions: 50 feet by 94 feet

Fountain Facts
Donor: Mrs. Eva Camuñez Tucker, San Angelo
Artist: Raul Ruiz, San Angelo
Horn Spread: 30 inches
Ram Weight: 500 pounds
Ewe Weight: 480 pounds
Rock: Sandstone
Rock Weight: Approximately 48 tons
Rock Quarried: Pecos County

Flagpole Facts
Donor: Col. Henry N. Ricci, M.D.
Pole Height: 110 feet
Pole Diameter: 14 inches at the base
Pole Weight: 8,000 pounds
Foundation: 13 feet deep, 7-plus cubic yards of concrete
Flag Dimensions: 20 feet by 38 feet
Flag Weight: 100 pounds
Lighting: Two 1,000-watt spotlights

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