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September 2002

Release Date: September 11, 2002

Concho River Review Announces Special 15th Anniversary Issue

The release of "Fifteen Years of Fiction: A Retrospective"y celebrates a decade and a half of the Concho River Review (CRR), a literary journal published jointly by Angelo State University and Fort Concho Museum Press.

The special issue includes 21 of the 130 short stories that have been published in CRR since its 1987 debut. The retrospective CRR highlights some of the best writers in the region and in the state, including such critically acclaimed authors as Clay Reynolds and Robert Flynn.

San Angelo authors represented in the book are Chris Ellery and Charlie McMurtry, both of the ASU English faculty, and local attorney Tim Edwards.

Other writers appearing in the anniversary edition are Jerry Craven, Roland Sodowsky, Jan Seale, Christopher Woods, Donley Watt, Jill Patterson, Jim Sanderson, Annette Sanford, Ann McVay, Scott Chafin, Gordon Alexander, Chuck Etheredge, Gayla Chaney, Joe Edward Morris, Betty Wiespape and Jane Hammons.

Guest editor of the CRR retrospective is Terry Dalrymple, professor of English at ASU and founder of the literary publication.

James A. Moore is general editor of CRR. Other staff members include Mary Ellen Hartje, fiction editor; Jerry Bradley, poetry editor; John Wegner, layout editor; Glenn Dayley, nonfiction editor; and Robert Bluthardt, executive secretary.

Published twice a year, CRR features original fiction, poetry and essays set in the Southwest or written by Southwesterners. In addition to its special retrospective edition, CRR will publish its regular fall issue this year.

Non-subscription copies of the anniversary edition may be purchased for $10 from Fort Concho or the ASU English Department; subscriptions to the journal are $14 a year. For purchases and subscriptions, write to Concho River Review, Fort Concho Museum Press, 630 S. Oaks St., San Angelo, TX 76903.

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