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ASU Concho Valley VISTA Placement Project

The goal of the Placement Project is to match AmeriCorps VISTA members with agencies and organizations to combat poverty with specific projects. AmeriCorps VISTA addresses the most pressing challenges we face as a nation. This requires the most courageous and creative people to address them and one of them is YOU! To begin your AmeriCorps VISTA adventure, start below and get ready for an amazing and fulfilling experience giving back to your neighbors, your community, and your country! 

The Concho Valley VISTA Placement Project at Angelo State University requests proposals for one-year placements of AmeriCorps VISTA Members. VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) is a federal anti-poverty program administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service.

VISTA provides full-time volunteers (VISTAs) to support projects at nonprofit, grassroots organizations, and local government agencies that operate programs to help alleviate poverty in the United States.

Request for Proposals

  • AmeriCorps VISTA
    • What exactly is AmeriCorps VISTA?

      Got 2 Minutes?

      This short video may answer some of your most pressing AmeriCorps questions.

      VISTA, Volunteers in Service to America, was conceived by President John F. Kennedy as a domestic counterpart to the Peace Corps and was started by President Lyndon Johnson as part of the War on Poverty. It is the national service program that works to eliminate poverty. Today, AmeriCorps VISTA is as vibrant and necessary as ever. 

    • Serving as a VISTA

      Time Commitment: VISTA service is a year-long, full-time commitment. VISTAs focus their efforts on building organizational, administrative and financial capacity of organizations that fight illiteracy, improve health services, foster economic development and otherwise assist low-income communities.

      Professional Development: VISTAs also participate in professional development activities and receive additional training in their field of interest.

      Leadership Opportunities: After the first year of service, VISTAs can apply for VISTA Leader positions. These positions give them opportunities to continue serving through AmeriCorps and help new VISTA members as they join the program and develop their skills.

      Outside Employment & Commitments: VISTAs are expected to make the full-time commitment to their service project their priority.  VISTAs are allowed to enroll in school or hold another part-time job, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their project. They must meet the service expectations of the project supervisor and have prior approval from the project supervisor.

    • In-Service Benefits

      *Member must meet additional eligibility requirements to receive these benefits.

    • End-of-Service Benefits

      *Member must meet additional eligibility requirements to receive these benefits.

    • Apply Today

      Make A Difference Where it Matters Most!

      This is a unique chance to improve your life and the lives of others.

      1. Contact us to talk about how the program works and let us answer any questions you might have! Call us 325-486-6812 or email us: 
      2. Choose positions you’re interested in and apply!
      3. Follow a traditional interview process
      4. Be selected and accept your position
      5. Attend Pre-Service Orientation(PSO)
      6. Start your service with AmeriCorps VISTA
      7. Change the world! Join the nearly 8,000 annually who make this commitment. As a VISTA member, you can make a tangible difference in people’s lives while earning invaluable professional experience. 
  • Meet Our VISTAs
  • Current Opportunities
    • Current Opportunities

      VISTA Leader

      The VISTA Leader will expand and enhance current project success and sustainability by recruiting VISTA members, orchestrating training, maintaining regular communication with VISTAs, tracking and reviewing monthly reports, promoting member success stories and assembling data for reporting. The VISTA Leader will support the activities of VISTAs who are working to alleviate poverty by building capacity in their sites, focusing on education, economic opportunities, and healthy futures. You MUST have 1 year of AmeriCorps experience to apply for this position.

      Education Program Coordinator 

      The Education Program Coordinator serves with the City of San Angelo Housing Authority focusing on developing, implementing and maintaining a PHA Education Program to encourage and promote the importance of education to kids and youth living in Public Housing Developments. The Education Program Coordinator will increase community awareness of PHA success stories through current and new programs and continue to assist the ongoing development of the Basic Needs Closet.

      Volunteer Engagement & ReStore VISTA

      The Volunteer Engagement & ReStore VISTA (VER) will build capacity to help build houses in partnership with low-income families who need affordable housing and raise awareness in the community about ReStore. The VER VISTA will develop recruitment strategies for volunteers for ReStore, and community outreach to local construction and businesses for ReStore. Engaging new volunteers and retaining previous volunteers with help to increase the number of days ReStore is open to the public. The VER VISTA will refine and develop an operating system for ReStore to ensure sustainability with the goal of funding one house per year for low-income families with the operations from ReStore.

      Economic Development Coordinator

      City of San Angelo Development Corporation (COSADC) seeks to serve the community leveraging resources to diversify the economy, expand the tax base, foster business growth and increase job opportunities to help move low-income individuals in families out of poverty. Working with economic development partners, the VISTA will help retain, strengthen and diversify the job base of the community to ensure a vibrant business climate for San Angelo and the region. Additionally, the VISTA will help preserve the near- and long-term integrity of the economic and social investment within the City. Overall the project will serve the community by advancing the quality of life and encouraging economic development.

      Goodwill Career Center Coordinator

      The Goodwill Career Center Coordinator VISTA will work to help unemployed individuals in the San Angelo area to find sustainable employment to help move these individuals out of poverty. Goodwill West Texas strives in every facet of their organization to provide hope, dignity, and self-sufficiency to all clients. The new Career Center will provide more community connections and sustainability and directly impact the lives of individuals in the San Angelo area that are struggling with barriers to employment. The Career Center Coordinator will work to increase partnerships with other area non-profits, build business partnerships with local employers to aid in job placements, and develop resources to distribute to clients and organizations.

      Work Ready Project Coordinator

      The Work Ready Project VISTA (WRPV) member serves with the City of San Angelo Development Corporation (COSADC) in partnership with the Concho Valley Workforce Development Board (CVWDB) to promote the economic well-being of residents seeking job placement and training opportunities. The combined COSADCCVWDB- Work Ready Community (WRC) effort helps address poverty and low wages by providing foundational work skills assessments, training/re-training opportunities to close skill gaps, and job placement assistance to achieve livable earnings and self-sufficiency. The WRC effort also brings a more concerted effort for business and education systems to help residents train, identify, and place themselves into the best-suited, career-enhancing jobs.

      Education Project Coordinator

      The Project Coordinator VISTA (PCV) will build capacity for the Region 15 Education Service Center (ESC) to increase the quality and use of data to better support 43 Texas school districts. The PCV’s service will support the ESC to organize a Human Resource (HR) Cooperative to serve small, rural school districts by providing HR resources for improved district access to high-quality professional education staff. Resulting staff improvements will enhance the educational experience and learning of low-income students.

The Concho Valley VISTA Placement Project is supported by the Corporation for National and Community Service and the San Angelo Health Foundation.

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