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Springfest 2018

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SAVE THE DATE - MARCH 27th, 2018

Every spring, Angelo State comes together as a whole to provide a few days of events to celebrate another great year on campus. In its third year, Springfest is always centered around food, games, concerts, and fun for all! This year we have made Springfest a one day program full of excitement!

Use the hashtag #ASUspringfest on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram for updates, contests, and MORE!

Angelo Serves

Community Service Programs has designed the Angelo Serves Series to be a great way for students to get involved. The first event in the series is during Spring Fest. The second event occurs during Rambunctious Weekend. The final event will occur towards the end of the fall semester. This series is programmed for all ASU students to volunteer and meet new people. This is an amazing opportunity for students of all ages to connect with our local community organizations such as Concho Valley Paws, Nature Center, Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, and many more. All events will meet in the afternoon at the ASU Pavilion for check in and the first hundred to show up ready to make a difference receive a free t-shirt. This series is a great way for every one from sporting teams to on-campus organizations, or if one is simply looking to make a difference. After all, it only takes one to make a difference. 

Greek Life Crawfish Boil

The Annual Crawfish Boil will start at 4:30p in front of the Caf!

UCPC: Concert featuring The Score with special guest Krigarè & Brother Brother

The UCPC Concert Committee is proud to present The Score, Krigarè, and Brother Brother!!!

The Score

The Score

Formed in New York City but based in Los Angeles, indie pop duo the Score fashion upbeat, hook-driven tunes reminiscent of Fun. and Walk the Moon. Eddie Anthony, a self-taught guitarist from Orange County, California and Edan Dover, a producer and formally trained jazz pianist from New York, began their partnership as a songwriting team in New York City with the intention of writing for others. Motivated by the desire to have their accumulating work reach an audience, they eventually began performing their songs at the City’s Rockwood Music Hall as the Score. Feeling a momentum in the Los Angeles music scene, they relocated; the first song they wrote on the West Coast, the exuberant, handclap-branded “Oh My Love” was self-released in January 2015 via online music sharing site SoundCloud. The tune quickly accrued a seven-figure play count, mostly from the U.K., where it topped streaming charts and hit the singles chart. It was also swiftly licensed for multiple high-profile commercials for, among others, Starbucks and U.K. retailer ASDA. Just six months after the song was released, the duo signed a record deal with Republic Records. Their debut EP, Where Do You Run, arrived in September 2015. Two more EPs, Unstoppable and Myths & Legends, arrived in 2016 and 2017, respectively. In August 2017, they delivered another EP called Stripped which featured acoustic renderings of tracks from their two previous offerings. A month later, “Never Going Back,” the lead single from their forthcoming debut album, Atlas, was released.



( Kree-Gar-Uh ): the Swedish translation for WARRIOR.

Krigarè is known for her strong imagery with intense storytelling lyrics.  Her electronic driven melodies, weighted with textured guitars, takes the listener on a cinematic journey of emotions, battles and empowerment.  Krigarè, previously known as Kennedy Nöel, first started in the music industry backing the piano during Kelly Clarkson’s “Because of You” performance at the Grammy Awards.  Krigarè has recently broken into the licensing world of the cinematic/pop music scene with multiple songs licensed for film and television. She has performed at the 2016 National NACA Conference, Evolution Music Festival, High School Nation tour, colleges around the nation, and pre-show events for One Direction, The Fray and Kelly Clarkson.  In her new upcoming album release titled “KRIGARÈ”, Krigarè tells her compelling stories of surviving two different cancers all by the age of 18. “My life has been full of battles these last three years.  It has been by far the most challenging years not only as a person, but also as an artist. I’ve had to find my voice again, and decide on who I am coming out of trying times. I am a WARRIOR!”

Although Well experienced in acting with credits ranging from independent film projects, the Running and Plates, to major network TV appearances in Crossing Jordan, I’m With Her and Majors & Minors, Krigarè’s first love has always been music.

At the tender age of 8, Krigarè played the piano at the 2006 Grammy Award Ceremony for Kelly Clarkson’s performance of “Because of You”. Krigarè also played the lead role in the video version of the same song, and has appeared in other videos for Jarrod Neimann, Tenth Ave. North and Chris Folsom.

Since moving to Nashville from Los Angeles in early 2009, Krigarè was introduced to song-writing at a very early age.  She has had the honor of co-writing with Grammy winning top 10 chart writers such as Matt Squire, Andy Dodd and Jessi Alexander, as well as award winning writers Molly Reed, Matt Bronleewe, Megan Kabir, August Rigo and many more. Her song “Falling Apart” was selected in the 2017 Nashville Film Festival, and “Destiny” written with Generdyn was licensed for the film All I See is You starring Blake Lively.  Krigarè has been MTV’s featured artist with her songs “Let Go” and “This Time” being heard on MTV’s Teen Mom OG and Siesta Key.  And the songs “This Time”, “Thunder”, “Never Stop” and “Falling Apart” have all been heard on Teen Mom Young + Pregnant. Recently, Krigarè has been collaborating with Zayde Wolf, Generdyn, Joseph Trapanese of The Greatest Showman  and Grammy winner Jason Halbert creating a new cinematic/pop sound for her soon to be released album titled “KRIGARÈ”.

Because Krigarè has grown up in the music business with her Grammy award winning father, she has been around some of the most influential artists and musicians, and several have even joined her on many of her projects.  Krigarè’s single “HEROES” featured Brian “Head” Welch of KORN on guitars and Lester Estelle of Pillar on drums. Charles Esten, of the hit television show “NASHVILLE”, has performed with Krigarè at the LLS Light the Late Night fundraiser for 3 years, and Kelly Clarkson has featured Krigarè in her Miracle on Broadway Christmas fundraiser.

Unfortunately, at age 16 Krigarè received news that she had stage 4 Thyroid cancer, and then only 6 months later was diagnosed with stage I Melanoma.  To be diagnosed with 2 completely different cancers at such a young age was devastating and rare. Instead of letting this news take her down, Krigarè made the impossible decision to become the true definition of her name WARRIOR, and fight to win this battle no matter what it took. After much time spent in vocal therapy and exercise, Krigarè has risen redefining her herself. It’s that same drive, determination and passion that fuels her music today.

Previously, Krigarè was a featured artist on the TV show Majors & Minors on the HUB Network, can be heard singing a featured track on the DVD “Barbie: A Mermaid’s Tale”, has worked with GeoGiRL, a line of cosmetics for tweens, becoming their brand ambassador and singing the theme song for commercials and website, and is also the voice for the accompanying video to the popular children’s book The Wheels on the TukTuk written by Grammy award winning and New York Time’s best selling author Kabir Sehgal.

Brother Brother

Brother Brother

The New Kids, Brother Brother’s debut studio album, opens a new chapter in the Sarasota, Florida-based band’s story. This chapter finds the duo of young Bradley and Brett Anderson disinterested in expectations and subtlety, instead throwing themselves head first into the undefined and breaking new ground as they fearlessly pursue the possibilities of their music both lyrically and sonically. Playfully coined “indie rock with a banjo,” The New Kids reflects these sentiments. Each track lends itself to the idea of candid expression and genuine identity, ultimately revealing the nature of this collection of dynamic and diverse songs: nonconformist in arrangement and poignantly honest in content.

      “This album is about being a part of something bigger,” says Bradley. “We wanted it to capture who and what we’ve become over the last few years as newcomers to the music scene. But more than that, we wanted it be a rallying cry for anybody who feels like a newcomer too.”

      Brother Brother did indeed come as outsiders as they began their musical odyssey a few short years ago. The grass-roots, home-town band was invited to perform at a theatre in Branson, Missouri, where they went from having played 10 shows a year to 10 shows a week year-round. A kind of Nashville-meets-Vegas environment was all but other-worldly to the teens, one which they quickly realized would be a make or break step in their journey.

     “We endured all of the stress so we could play songs for people, and we wrote songs so we could deal with all of the stress,” adds Brett. “We felt so much pressure to be and do so many different things in that time. But ultimately through that we learned to be who we are.”

     The brothers found themselves armed with a selection of songs ready to record. When Nashville legend Matt Odmark (Jars of Clay) offered to produce their record, they were elated at the prospect of working with one of their own musical heroes. “I honestly couldn’t believe it at first,” Bradley admits. “Matt’s work has always been a constant inspiration, and he understood our sound and the direction we needed the album to head like almost no one else did. It became like this really cool fusion of acoustic guitars, electric banjos, synthesizers, and a really fun indie rock energy.”

    Despite the fact that The New Kids may show Brother Brother’s unrestrained passion in full force in songs like Chasing Me Down or Novocaine, it also shows a tender side along with it. Baby Girl recounts the memory of a delicate dream, and Hold On Love encapsulates the peaceful resolve to rise above. Despite the ebb and flow throughout the record, the band stays true not only to their heart placed unprotected upon their sleeve, but to their live sound as well.

     “The one thing we always had in mind when we were making this album was how this is going to look and feel in our performances,” Brett says. “We always think of the live show first. So much of our writing comes from wanting to create something that we love playing in front of people every night.” The resulting album feels innovative and vibrant, every track imbued with a sense of propulsive motion that derives largely from both the acoustic undertones and progressive styles.

     “It’s who we are now,” cries the title track. But in the words of the brothers, it’s bigger than just them. “We wanted to call this album The New Kids because it’s not just us. This is for anybody of any age who doesn’t quite fit in,” says Bradley. “And really, that’s pretty much everybody,” adds Brett. This record captures the beginning of Brother Brother’s musical exploration, and holds up a banner of triumph for themselves and everyone who feels the same. “We’ve seen great and terrible things,” their anthem concludes. “So call us what you want, we are The New Kids.”

Schedule of Events

Tuesday, March 27th

Angelo Serves hosted by Community Service Programs
Check-in begins @ 1:30p, ASU Pavilion

Crawfish Boil and the UCPC Concert

Dinner @ 4:30pm, Outside the Caf

Concert @ 6:00pm, ASU Pavilion

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