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HPV Vaccination

Students who reserved their first round of the HPV vaccine at the JAMP Health Fair on Monday, March 5, 2018, will need to follow up with additional doses to complete the series and to effectively confer immunity. Three doses of the HPV vaccine are required.

Students with Insurance

Students with insurance may go to the ASU Student Health Clinic to get their remaining vaccine doses.

Students without Insurance

If you don’t have insurance, you can still receive your remaining doses at La Esperanza Clinic. The cost is $25 per dose.

La Esperanza Clinic is located at 1610 S. Chadbourne. For information about the La Esperanza Clinic and appointments, contact Norma Lee at 325-949-7974.

Public transportation is available through the Concho Valley Transit District. With your ASU school ID you can ride the bus for just $0.50.

Take Route 1 from the S. Jackson and Vanderventer stop from ASU. Get off at the West Ave. K and S. Chadbourne Street. This same stop will also take you back to the university when you are done.

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