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Elections 2004: State and Federal

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  2004 Election Issues

  2004 Election Returns

  • Historical Data (Texas Secretary of State)
    • Historical Election Results (1992-current) includes summaries for the Presidential elections, Statewide races, and County races.

  2004 Presidential Campaign Sites

  Campaign Finances

  • Center for Public Integrity
    • Non-profit, non-partisan educational organization that is supported in part by contributions
  • Center for Responsive Politics
    •“The Online Source for Money in Politics Data”)
      • Non-partisan research group monitoring campaign reform
      • 2004 Election Overview
      • Presidential Election, Congressional Races, Big Picture: Historic Data
    • Congressional Races in 2004 (Texas candidates) (only those candidates who have filed contribution reports with the Federal Election Commission are listed)
  • Federal Election Commission
  • PoliticalMoneyLine(the home of FECInfo) (TRKC, Inc.)
    • Money in Politics Database
    • Called “The granddaddy of all independent campaign finance web sites, and perhaps the most comprehensive …” by the NY Times
    • The information in the database goes back 25 years


  • Candidates
    • From the Texas Office of the Secretary of State, Election & Voter Information page
    • Information for candidates (qualifications for office, filing instructions, important dates, etc.)
  • Politics. Elections 2004
    • Scroll down the page to “Comparing the Candidates”
    • “Democratic Primary Information” includes debate transcripts

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  College Students & Voting

  • The Vanishing Voter
    • Seeks to promote awareness of and participation in the electoral process
    • Concentrates on encouraging young adults, particularly those on college campuses, to register and vote
    • Contains information that will help them through this process and also can lead them to a better understanding of the issues and candidates
    • Student and Faculty sections includes links to posters to use for encouraging your friends and your students to vote
  • Punk Voter (“progressive”)
    • “Punk bands, musicians, and record labels have built a coalition to educate, register and mobilize progressive voters. … It is time to energize the majority of today’s disenfranchised youth movement and punk rockers to make change a reality. … Our goal is to educate, register and mobilize over 500,000 of today’s youth as one voice. We plan to use this election as a way to get our fans engaged in politics and evolve our movement into becoming involved locally to affect real change nationally.” 
  •  Rock the Vote
    • “Rock the Vote is a non-profit, non-partisan organization, founded in 1990 in response to a wave of attacks on freedom of speech and artistic expression. … Rock the Vote engages youth in the political process by incorporating the entertainment community and youth culture into its activities. … Rock the Vote is dedicated to protecting freedom of expression and empowering young people to change their world.” (from About Rock the Vote)”
    • Register to vote or “Get Informed” (with primaries & elections information guides, “essentials to voting in ’04,” and “Elections 101 guide”)
    • Check out the “Actions” and “Issues” buttons in the upper navigation bar

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  Election Process

  • Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids (GPO)
  • Elections … the American Way (Library of Congress. The Learning Page) (Resources for Teachers)
  • This Nation’s Online American Government and Politics Textbook
    • “ is a repository of basic information, resources and historical documents related to American Government and Politics. This site is the home of one of the first exclusively online American government & politics textbooks. Today,’s primary purpose is to serve as a companion site to the e-textbook. However, true to our original vision, we continue to offer information and resources free of charge to the general public to promote better understanding of and more effective participation in the American political system.”
  • news2.jpgPostponing Federal Elections
    • Because of the continuing threat of terrorism, concerns have been raised about the potential for terrorist events to occur close to or during the voting process for the November 2004 elections. For instance, the question has been raised as to whether a sufficiently calamitous event could result in the postponement of the election, and what mechanisms are in place to deal with such an event. The Congressional Research Service has prepared several Reports for Congress looking at these concerns.
    • Executive Branch power to postpone elections (July 14, 2004) (CRS Report for Congress, Kenneth R. Thomas, Legislative Attorney, American Law Division)
    • Postponement and rescheduling of elections to federal office (October 4, 2004) (CRS Report for Congress, Jake Maskell, Legislative Attorney, American Law Division) [This report will be updated as events warrant.]

  Election Statistics

  • Texas. Office of the Secretary of State. Historical Data
  • Election Statistics(Office of the Clerk, U.S. House of Representatives, Member Information)
    • Provides statistics from 1920 to the present in PDF format
    • 1992 to the present also available in HTML format
  • David Leip’s Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections
    • “The Atlas is a free internet resource providing results of U.S. Presidential Elections to the world community. Data is collected from many official sources and presented here in one convenient location.”

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  Government Offices

  • Texas. Office of the Secretary of State
    • Elections Division: Upcoming elections; Election results; Early voting; County officials; Project V.O.T.E.; Other sources; Election advisories; County Chair corner; Election forms; State and District election officials; Voter registration; Laws & procedures; Informational pamphlets; Seminars.
    • Historical Data
  • United States. Dept. of State. Foreign Press Center
    • Elections 2004
      • FPC Announcements and FPC Briefings; links to information on the US Election process, Political parties/candidates, Election calendar, Polls, Foreign policy, Elections trivia, Congressional elections, and Other sites
  • United States. Federal Election Commission
    • About Elections and Voting
      • Combined Federal/State Disclosure Directory; Recent election results; FAQs; Registering to vote; Voter registration and turnout statistics; The Electoral College; the U.S. federal election system; the Administrative structure of U.S. elections; and Voting systems.

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  Meta Sites

  News Reports /   Media Election Sites

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  Political Parties


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  Selected Web Sites

  • The Center for Voting and Democracy
    • The Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization … “dedicated to fair elections where every vote counts and all voters are represented. As a catalyst for reform, we conduct research, analysis, education and advocacy to build understanding of and support for more democratic voting systems. We promote full representation as an alternative to winner-take-all elections and instant runoff voting as an alternative to plurality elections and traditional runoff elections.”
    • The section called “What’s New” is a frequently updated, concise overview of current electoral issues. Also find an “online library” with many articles on topics such as proportional representation and election reform. Searchable.
  • League of Women Voters
  • Minnesota
    • Non-partisan political directories and issue discussions
    • E-Democracy.US section includes links to presidential candidates, election news, vital non-profit resources, discussions and more
  • Project V.O.T.E. (Voters of Tomorrow through Education) (Texas Office of the Secretary of State)
  • George Strong & Associates Texas Political Resource Page (Houston)

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  Voter & Voting Information/Registration

  Voting Accessibility (includes “Help America Vote Act of 2002”)

  • AAPD Disability Vote Project(“Making Voting Accessible for Everyone”) (American Association of People with Disabilities)
    • The goal of this project is to make voting accessible for everyone. Key features include information about accessible voting machines, including arguments for touch-screen voting, plus background, compliance guidelines, and disability recommendations for implementing HAVA, the “Help America Vote Act of 2002.”
  • Federal Voting Assistance Program
    • This web site provides information to US citizens covered by the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA).
  • Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA) (Public Law 107-252, Oct. 29, 2002) [PDF]
  • H.R. 3295, Help America Vote Act of 2002. Joint explanatory statement [PDF]
  • HAVA Information Central(from [PDF]
    • Links to state plans and state legislation implementing HAVA
  • HAVA Implementation Resources  (League of Women Voters. Elections & Voting. Help America Vote Act)
  • Polling Place Accessibility and Voter Assistance
    • State-by-state chart that lists “provisions for making polling places accessible to the elderly and handicapped and specifies provisions for assisting such voters.” Includes citations to statutes. From the Election Reform Information Project, administered by the University of Richmond, and supported by The Pew Charitable Trusts.
  • Ready for Reform?  (Election reform briefing, March 2003, from [PDF]
  • Roads to Reform: Planning for the Help America Vote Act (Election reform briefing, September 2003, from [PDF]

  Voting / E-Voting

  • Building Trust and Confidence in Voting Systems. Papers and Positions Statements on Voting (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
    • “Groups, organizations, and individuals with an interest in the voting process may submit a position statement to NIST for the purposes of providing voting-related information.”
    • As of September 22, 2004, there were 30 papers and statements posted, including those from organizations such as The League of Women Voters, American Association of Retired Persons, American Association of People with Disabilities, and the National Association of Secretaries of State.
  • Wired News > Machine Politics (A Wired News special collection of articles)
    • “E-voting gains a foothold at polling places in the U.S. and abroad, despite fears that the technology is flawed and votes easily manipulated. Is the voting booth still sacred? Does your vote still count?”

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