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Geologic Maps

The Library has the following two geologic series from the Bureau of Economic Geology (University of Texas at Austin) available in paper in the Texas Documents Collection:

  • Geologic Atlas of Texas (Texas Documents: Z UA220.7 G292a, alphabetical by sheet name)
  • Texas Geologic Quadrangle maps (Texas Documents: Z UA220.7 G292q, by sheet number)

Ask USGS. USGS Maps, Online Edition
“Discover a small sample of the millions of maps produced by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in its mission to map the Nation and survey its resources. This booklet gives a brief overview of the types of maps sold and distributed by the USGS through its Earth Science Information Centers (ESIC) and also available from business partners located in most States. The USGS provides a wide variety of maps, from topographic maps showing the geographic relief and thematic maps displaying the geology and water resources of the United States, to special studies of the moon and planets.”

Geologic Maps of the U.S. States
From, Geology, comes “[T]he first and only complete set of state geologic maps on the Web.” The site includes a 3-page article “Starting on the Ground: Reading Geologic Maps” and “Geologic Map Color Standards” (from the USGS).

National Geologic Map Database (USGS)
Geoscience resource for maps and related data about geology, hazards, earth resources, geophysics, geochemistry, geochronology, paleontology, and marine geology. The Geologic Map Image Library has over 1000 maps viewable online. Also includes a Lexicon of geologic names and a catalog of more than 61,000 maps available from 270+ publishers.

National Geologic Map Database. Standards and Guidelines (USGS)
Standards and guidelines relating to the production of USGS geologic maps, including geologic map symbolization, geologic time scales, geologic map data model, publication guidelines, digital mapping techniques, and metadata.

A Tapestry of Time and Terrain: The Union of Two Maps - Geology and Topography (USGS)
This new map weaves together, in vivid colors and shadings, the topographical and geological components of the lower 48 states, as well as the geologic age of those components. It outlines the geologic story of continental collision and break-up, mountain-building, river erosion and deposition, glaciation, volcanism and other events and processes that have shaped the region over the last 2.6 billion years. Includes descriptions of geologic times and selected features (e.g., the Llano Uplift in Central Texas and the Llano Estacado in the Texas Panhandle). Also available in paper. Ask the Government Documents Librarian for assistance.

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