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TRAIL: Texas Records and Information Locator

TRAIL searches and locates information collected in an archive of more than 180 Texas state agency web servers. (This service currently does not include state-supported colleges and universities.)

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Texas Online (Texas at Your Fingertips)

Resources for Citizens, Visitors, Business, Government (Official State of Texas web site)

Texas State Web Sites

Publications: Constitution, Laws, Rules & Regulations, etc.

  • The Texas Constitution(Texas Legislature Online)
    • This version reflects changes made by amendments approved by the voters in November 2015.
    • Also available online via WestlawNext Campus Research database: Vernon’s Annotated Revised Civil Statutes of the State of Texas (for ASU only)
    • Available in paper: Vernon’s annotated revised civil statutes of the State of Texas (Closed Stacks: KFT1230.A3 V43) Ask at Circulation Desk for assistance.
    • Amendments to the Texas Constitution Since 1876.(Via Texas Legislative Council)
  • Texas Administrative Code(via Secretary of State)
    • Compilation of all state agency rules in Texas
  • Texas Register
    • State Rules and Open Meetings (via Secretary of State)
    • Back issue archive (1991-current) (University of North Texas)
    • Emergency, proposed, and adopted rules
    • Notices of withdrawn and repealed rules
    • Notices of rule review and other information submitted by state agencies for publication
  • Open Meetings(via Secretary of State)
    • Originally, notices of open meetings were published in the print version of the Texas Register. In November, 1998, these notices were removed from the print Texas Register and published through the Secretary of State’s web site only.
  • Texas Statutes(via Texas Legislative Council)
    • Current through the 85th Texas Legislature
    • Also available online via WestlawNext Campus Research database > State Materials > Texas > Texas Statutes & Court Rules (for ASU only)
    • Available in paper in the Reference Collection: Vernon’s annotated Revised civil statutes of the state of Texas (Ref. KFT1230.A3 V4) and Vernon’s Texas codes annotated (Ref. KFT1230.A3 V42)
  • Texas State Publications Annual Index
    • Texas State Library
    • Index to Texas government documents, 1994-2004
    • Also available in paper in the Documents/Reference Collection in the Basement in the Government Documents Area: Docs/Ref. Z1223.5 .T47

General Texas Information

    • is the official website of Texas state government.

Executive Branch

Legislative Branch

  • “The Legislative power of this State shall be vested in a Senate and House of Representatives, which together shall be styled ‘The Legislature of the State of Texas.’” (Texas Constitution. Art. 3. Sec. 1)
  • Texas Senate
  • Texas House of Representatives
    • Speaker of the House
    • House Research Organization
      • An independent administrative department of the Texas House of Representatives and a nonpartisan source of impartial information on legislation and issues considered by the Texas Legislature
      • Floor reports, focus reports, bill analyses, constitutional amendment analyses
      • All Publications includes links to online versions of HRO documents and indexes to all publications
  • Texas State Auditor’s Office
    • The SAO is one of five legislative support agencies. It operates under the oversight of the Legislative Audit Committee, chaired jointly by the Lieutenant Governor and the Speaker of the House of Representatives. (Mission)
  • Legislative Budget Board
    • Appropriations Bills Archives
    • All Budget Documents by Session
    • Texas Budget Source
      • The Legislative Budget Board (LBB) developed the Texas Budget Source (TBS), a report generator, to provide the general public information on the Texas state budget. TBS extracts its data from the LBB’s Automated Budget and Evaluation System of Texas (ABEST). Users may generate budget reports for a specific state agency. They may also generate reports organized by the articles of the General Appropriations Bill. In either case, users choose the legislative biennium, e.g. 2002-2003, the report type (which identifies a particular stage of the General Appropriations Bill), and the data view (the actual title of the report). A Help button is available on the request screen for a quick guide to navigating the screen and viewing, printing, and downloading reports.
      • The first time you run a Texas Budget Source report on your workstation, you will be asked to download Crystal Report Viewer. This may take a few moments if you have a modem connection to the internet. Minimum requirement for viewing these reports is internet Explorer 5.0.
  • Legislative Reference Library of Texas
  • Texas Ethics Commission
    • The Texas Ethics Commission serves as a repository of required disclosure statements for state officials, candidates, political committees, and lobbyists and consequently, serves as a clearinghouse of information for public and press inquiries.
    • Texas Ethics Reporter
  • Texas Legislative Council
    • The Texas Legislative Council provides bill drafting, computing, research, publishing, and document distribution services to the Texas Legislature and legislative agencies.
  • Texas Legislature Online
    • Provided by the Texas Legislative Council
    • Who represents me?
      • “Who Represents Me” provides information about current districts and members of the Texas Senate, Texas House of Representatives, the Texas delegation to the U.S. House of Representatives, and the State Board of Education.
    • Legislative Process
    • General (Legislative) Reports — Includes links to reports for the 71st (1989)-79th(2005-20060 Legislatures
    • “How to Follow a Bill Using TLO”
    • Legislation
      • Bill status; bill lists by Author, Committee, and Subject
      • Search bills by bill number, subject, author, committee, or keyword
    • MyTLO
      • The MyTLO section of the Texas Legislature Online website offers personalized viewing of legislative content, including Bill Lists, Bill Alerts, Other Alerts, and RSS feeds for legislative content. Some of these services require registration, but are free of charge.
  • Texas Redistricting
  • Sunset Advisory Commission
    • Sunset is the regular assessment by the Legislature of the continuing need for a state agency to exist. While most oversight is concerned with agency compliance with legislative policies, Sunset asks a more basic question: Do the agency’s functions continue to be needed?

Judicial Branch

Other Texas Resources

  • Texas State Data Center and Office of the State Demographer
    • The SDCs are official sources of demographic, economic, and social statistics produced by the Census Bureau. These data are made available by the Census Bureau to the SDCs at no charge (fees may be charged for customized products). The SDCs make these data accessible to state, regional, local and tribal governments, and non-governmental data users at no charge or on a cost-recovery or reimbursable basis as appropriate.
  • County Information Project(Texas Association of Counties. Online Resources. County Data)
    • Serves as a central source for county data
  • Texas County Highway Maps
    • The General Libraries and the Geography Department at The University of Texas at Austin
  • Electronic State Business Daily (Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts)
    • Texas state agencies post large procurement opportunities in one online location

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