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TRAIL searches and locates information collected in an archive of more than 180 Texas state agency web servers. (This service currently does not include state-supported colleges and universities.)

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Texas Government Web Sites Organized Alphabetically [opens in a new window]

 Subjects:  Agriculture / Ranching  |  Alcohol  |  Animals  |  Arts / Culture  |  Aviation / Space  |  Banking  |  Business / Organizations  |  Children / Child Abuse  |  Cities / Counties  |  Civil Rights  |  Colleges & Universities  |  Community / Junior / Technical Colleges  |  Courts  |  Crime / Criminals  |  Disabilities  |  Drugs  |  Economy / Money / Taxation  |  Education  |  Emergencies  |  Employment  |  Energy / Fuels / Utilities  |  Engineering  |  Geosciences  |  Government-General  |  Health / Welfare  |  History  |  Homeland Security  |  Housing / Real Estate  |  Information Resources  |  Insurance  |  Judicial Agencies  |  Juveniles  |  Kids’ Sites  |  Law / Legal  |  Legislative / Legislature  |  Libraries  |  Licensing / Examination Boards  |  Lottery  |  Military  |  National Guard  |  Natural Resources  |  Population / Demography  |  Retirement  |  Safety  |  Sports / Recreation  |  State Agencies / Employees (relating to)  |  State Hospitals / Schools  |  Telecommunications  |  Transportation  |  Travel / Tourism  |  Veterans  |  Volunteers  |  Weather  |  Worker’s Compensation  |

 Agriculture / Ranching

  • Ag News
    • TAMU, Agriculture Program, News and Public Affairs
  • Natural Fibers Information Center
    • For 80 years, the Natural Fibers Information Center and its precursors at the University of Texas at Austin conducted research, published studies, and provided information, data, and educational materials about the cotton, wool, mohair, oilseeds, and related industries. NFIC closed its doors for good on August 31, 2007.
  • Texas AgriLife Research(TAMU)
    • formerly: Texas Agricultural Experiment Station
  • Texas AgriLife Extension Service(TAMU)
    • formerly: Texas Agricultural Extension Service and Texas Cooperative Extension Service
  • Texas Department of Agriculture



 Arts / Culture

 Aviation / Space

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 Business / Organizations

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 Children / Child Abuse

 Cities / Counties

 Civil Rights

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 Colleges and Universities (see also Community/Junior/Technical Colleges)

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 Community / Junior / Technical Colleges (see also Colleges and Universities)

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 Crime / Criminals

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  • DSHS Substance Abuse Services
    • formerly: Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (TCADA)
  • Texas Youth Commission
    • A searchable directory of resources dedicated to the prevention of child and adolescent problems and the promotion of youth development in families, schools and communities, including “the best available prevention material, program descriptions, research reports, articles and books.”

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 Economy / Money / Taxation




 Energy / Fuels / Utilities


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 Government - General

 Health / Welfare

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 Homeland Security

 Housing / Real Estate

 Information Resources


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 Judicial Agencies


 Kids’ Sites

 Law / Legal

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 Legislative / Legislature


 Licensing / Examination Boards


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 National Guard

 Natural Resources

 Population / Demography


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 Sports / Recreation

 State Agencies / State Employees (Relating to)

 State Hospitals / Schools

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 Travel / Tourism

  • TravelTex
    • The official site of Texas tourism




 Workers’ Compensation

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The content of this site is based, in part, on Texas.government.ontheweb : a Librarian’s Guide to Texas Government Information on the World Wide Web, prepared by Sue Polanka of the Library Development Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission, in April 1999.

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