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Goal:   Close the Library’s First Floor public areas during the demolition, construction, and remodeling processes in order to speed and assist the project. The Learning Commons and Library remodeling project is projected to take from seven to eight months to complete. (The scheduled completion date is 30 July 2010 with the grand reopening scheduled for the start of the 2010 Fall Semester.)

Closures and Services during Construction:

  1.  Asbestos abatement closure from 12 December 2009 to 3 January 2010.
  2.  Relocations of some collections and service points began the week of 10/12/2009.
  3.  Beginning in January 2010 until the completion of the remodeling and construction process, access to the Library will be via the elevator located on the front porch of the Library using the Second Floor elevator landing. Egress between the Second Floor and the Basement will be by the central elevator. Until remodeling of the central stairwell begins, this stairwell will serve as another passageway between the Second Floor and the Basement. The construction crews will also be using the central elevator. The Circulation unit will take over one of the group study rooms on the Second Floor for use as an office and reserve collection storage. A temporary Circulation Desk and book bag check station will be near the front porch elevator doors on Second Floor. If the central and/or porch elevators fail, then the Library will need to utilize one of the stairwells as a temporary access point.
  4.  Access to the Third Floor will be through the north and south stairwells and the existing elevator entrance on the front porch of the Library.
  5.  Information Technology (IT) and Facilities Management (FM) will place power and network drops in the areas to be used as a temporary entrance and offices for displaced staff members. This may include relocating Circulation Desk terminals, scanner(s)/printer(s), RamCat/RamPort access PCs, one or two coin-op copiers, and the networked copier used by academic departments.
  6.  In addition to the temporary Circulation Desk and office relocation to the Second Floor, the Library will establish a temporary reference area on the Second Floor near the east side of the central elevator. Again, IT and FM will install network drops and power for a Reference Desk, scanner, public printer and as many public access terminals as possible. Needed PCs, other hardware, and furnishings will be relocated from the First Floor Reference Desk area. The remainder of hardware and furniture not needed for the temporary locations will either be placed in storage or simply trashed as unusable.
  7.  During construction, the Interlibrary Loan Office will move to a temporary location in the Media Collection’s viewing room.
  8.  Throughout the construction process, the Library plans on maintaining the rear entrance and loading dock areas for staff entry and delivery purposes. At this point, at least the north part of the parking lot will be needed by the construction contractor. Other areas along the north side of the building (including the stairwell to Third Floor) may be blocked from public use as needed.
  9.  Access to the elevator entrance on the front porch must be maintained at all times.
  10.  One storage room along the west wall of the Basement (located between the restrooms and central stairs) will be set aside for use by the construction contractor.

Revised Hours of Operation:

Proposed Library Hours during construction:

2010 Spring Semester 2010 Summer Terms
Monday-Thursday: 7:30 am to midnight Monday-Thursday: 7:30 am to 11:00 pm
Friday:  7:30 am to 6:00 pm Friday:  7::30 am to 6:00 pm
Saturday:  9:00 am to 6:00 pm Saturday:  9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Sunday:  1:00 pm to 10:00 pm Sunday:  1:00 pm to 10:00 pm

These hours would remain in place until the Learning Commons opens. The Library will provide extended hours of operation (to be determined) during the last two weeks of the 2010 Spring Semester. Due to unforeseen construction problems and/or emergencies, all parties and users should be aware that temporary closures, loss of service, etc. may cause other alterations to these proposed operating hours.

The reduced operating schedule will allow for a redeployment of existing staff to the new entrance, to provide extended coverage in the Basement, and to help with shifting, retrieval of Library materials, and other accommodations required because of the disruptions in the remodeling process. Since the majority of the present seating and study space is currently located on the First Floor, there will be very limited space available for students and others to use until the Learning Commons opens.

Library Learning Commons floor plan