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Receiving Freight at ASU

Central Receiving & Supply receives over 10,000 packages for ASU departments a year.  In order to process and deliver ASU packages in a timely basis, we recommend that employees do not have personal items shipped to the university.

All packages/freight purchased via Purchase Order or State Contract being sent to the University should have the following information on the package:

  • Angelo State University
    Central Receiving
    1635 Vanderventer
    San Angelo, TX 76909
  • Our (University) Purchase order or Contract number

All packages/freight purchased via credit card must have the following information on the package:

  • Angelo State University
    1635 Vanderventer
    San Angelo, TX 76909
  • “Pro Card”
  • Recipients name

Packages that do not reference a university purchase order or the words “Pro Card” but reference either an individual’s name or a department’s name are still considered University related (Examples would be samples that vendors send you to try such as books, manuals etc.) and will be treated the same as any package.

Processing of Overnight packages

  • Priority, Next Day or Overnight are all terms used by various package handling companies, when Central Receiving gets these types of packages they are all treated the same, QUICKLY.
  • A delivery ticket is made and attached to the package if it is not on a purchase order or state contract. Delivery tickets for these types of packages will contain the following information:
    • Department’s name
    • Freight Company’s name
    • Tracking number
    • Sender’s name
    • Date

Processing of Purchased Freight

  • Purchased freight packages are packages that contain merchandise that was purchased using either a university purchase order or a state contract order.
  • Central Receiving is required to open these packages and verify the contents such as quantity, color, size, part number etc. using a copy of the purchase order or contract order.
  • The contents are then packaged back up and a copy of the purchase order or state contract is made and attached to the box(es).  The attached paper is marked with the number of boxes in the shipment and a place is designated for a signature of the receiving party.
  • Notations will be made on Central Receiving’s copy of the purchase order indicating either a complete order or a partial order. Central Receiving then notifies Purchasing of any shipments received.

Processing of “Pro Card” Freight

  • Pro Card freight is not opened nor are its contents verified by Receiving. The verification of the contents will be the department’s responsibility once the packages are delivered.
  • A delivery ticket is made and attached to the package, the delivery ticket will contain the following information:
    • Department’s name
    • Shipper’s name
    • Tracking number
    • Number of boxes in shipment

Helpful Tips and Reminders

  • If you pick up merchandise from a vendor on an existing purchase order then YOU are responsible for notifying the Purchasing Office that you did so. YOU must also forward to Purchasing any invoices or receipts that you were given. Please, do not contact Central Receiving, only Purchasing. The same process should be used in the event that a vendor delivers merchandise directly to your department.  All vendors are requested to make deliveries of purchased merchandise to the Central Receiving unless the purchase order includes installation or is for office supplies that include desk-top delivery.
  • In the event that you receive an order from Central Receiving and that order is incorrect, please contact us immediately so we can assist you with correcting it. 
  • Please check orders as soon as you possibly can once delivered to you.  This applies to orders processed by Central Receiving and Pro Card orders.
  • If you need an order delivered to an area other than the address listed on your account, please note the alternate location on your requisition so Purchasing will notify Central Receiving.
  • Please be patient on the delivery of larger orders, such as large quantities of paper, furniture, appliances, etc. These types of orders often require additional manpower and equipment therefore more time may be needed for delivery.
  • Please do not call vendors to make changes to existing orders.  You must call the ASU Purchasing Office to have any changes that need to be made on any order.

Return Freight from A.S.U.

There are a number of reasons for needing to ship freight from the university, such as returning damaged or faulty merchandise, sending products to vendors for repairs or updates etc.

  • Angelo State University is currently using FedEx to ship packages over night, 2nd day, or ground at reduced rates.
  • Information on the new contracts will be made available to you as they arise.
  • You can contact the Purchasing Office for guidance on how to find additional information concerning this contract at extension 2012.

Shipping damaged/faulty or duplicated merchandise

  • Make sure the Purchasing office is aware of any freight being returned to a vendor if the freight was purchased with either a university purchase order or a state contract order.
  • If the freight was a Pro Card purchase then you are responsible for all contacts and agreements made between you and the vendor on returned merchandise, consequently, you will need to turn in to the Purchasing Office any credits or receipts involved in a freight return.
  • Before contacting Central Receiving to pick up a package from your department, the following must take place:
  • Know who is paying the freight-the vendor or you
  • Determine how the package will be shipped
  • Obtain a shipping label for the package(s) or be informed a call tag is being issued
  • Write the destination address on the box if the label does not have it.

Student Freight/Packages

All students living on campus will be required to pick up their packages from ASU Mail Services.  This includes packages delivered by U.P.S., Fed-Ex, as well as the United States Postal Service.

  • Students will receive a slip in their mailbox informing them of a package that needs to be picked up.
  • Present the notification slip at the Mail Services window.
  • A signature and in some cases, identification will be required.
  • ASU Mail Services is located on the 1st floor of the University Center, Phone 325-942-2342.

Central Receiving/Supply Services

Along with receiving, processing and delivery of freight for ASU, Central Receiving & Supply also keeps on hand facility related inventory and supplies.  These supplies include plumbing, electrical, painting, carpentry, HVAC, automotive and miscellaneous supplies such as batteries, tapes, extension cords etc.

If your department is in need of one or more of these items (batteries, tape etc.) Central Supply can provide them to you if you submit a facilities service request for consumables from the work request website

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