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Spring 2018 Auction

Bidding Instructions

To make a bid: Pick up a bid sheet and instructions at 1635 Vanderventer from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday-Friday

  • Sealed bids will be received until  at noon in the ASU Facilities Office at 1635 Vanderventer.  At this time bids will be opened and successful bidders will be notified as soon as possible.
  • Interested parties should complete the official BIDDING FORM and return it to the above location by the deadline date and time.  Please note that the Bidding form must be signed by a duly-authorized officer of the company if bid by such.  All information requested must be supplied to constitute a valid bid.  If mailing your bid, please mail to:
    • Angelo State University
      ASU Station 11037
      San Angelo, TX, 76909
  • On the bidding form, please note that the item is being sold “as is, where is”.  There are not implied or expressed warranties.  All items are to be bid separately. Do not bid on all items for one lump sum.  This will constitute an invalid bid.
  • Bids should not include sales tax on the Bidding Form.  However, all payments are subject to sales tax and must be made in the form of a check payable to ANGELO STATE UNIVERSITY.  Payment will be required from the successful bidder prior to the pickup of the item.
  • On the outside of the sealed envelope containing your bid, please state the following:
    • SEALED BID:  
      LOT #___, ___,___, etc.
  • The successful bidder shall have until January 16, 2014 to pick up the items purchased and remove them from the property at Angelo State University at the bidder’s cost and expense.  If the equipment is not removed by the deadline, it will be disposed of as needed by Angelo State University, without any claim or recompense by the purchaser. 
  • ASU reserves the right to reject any or all bids.
  • Any or all questions relating to this bid should be directed to the ASU Property Manager, 325-942-2376. 

Bidding Form

Auction Items

Listed below are items that will be up for auction this semester. For more information, contact the Property Manager.

Media Cart
Lot 001
Metal Cart
Lot 015
Vacutec 800
Lot 108
Lot 165
Metal Box
Metal Box
Lot 800
Lot 801
Band Saw
Band Saw
Lot 808
Exam Table
Exam Table
Lot 928
Exam Table
Exam Table
Lot 929