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Credit by Examination

Undergraduate students may earn credit by examination at ASU in a variety of fields. Selected College Level Examination Program (CLEP) general examinations and subject examinations as well as local examinations are administered regularly in the University Credit by Examination Program. Students who submit ACT or SAT scores to the university for admission purposes are eligible for credit in select courses if,

  1. their test scores are high enough to qualify for credit;
  2. they enroll at ASU;
  3. they satisfactorily complete a fall or spring semester; and
  4. pass the applicable section of a Texas Success Initiative (TSI) assessment test for ACT or SAT credit.

Credit by examination may also be earned through the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) Subject Standardized Tests (DSST exams). Score reports submitted for DSST exams that have not been approved will be sent to the dean of the College of Science and Engineering for evaluation by the appropriate departments.

All examinations in the Credit by Examination Program are available throughout the year with the exception of the ACT, SAT and some local examinations that have separate established schedules. CLEP examinations are given by appointment.

Advanced registration is required for CLEP examinations. Candidates must register through the Testing Center.

Fees are charged for all examinations to cover costs of administration, test materials, scoring and program development. Information on local examination fees, CLEP examination fees, and registration fees may be found on the Testing Center website.

Students may also earn credit for specified Angelo State University courses by successful completion of Advanced Placement Examinations administered by the College Board in participating high schools.  A score of 3 or higher is required to receive credit.  The same policy guidelines apply to these examinations as they do to other tests in the credit by examination program.

  • Credit by Examination Policy Guidelines

    ASU’s Credit by Examination Program is subject to the following policy guidelines:

    A student may take examinations for credit and have scores submitted to the Office of the Registrar prior to enrollment at ASU. However, credit by examination will not be entered on the permanent record until the student has successfully completed a semester or summer term of academic work at ASU. Information about scores required for credit on specific examinations may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar.

    To receive credit by examination, a student must pass the appropriate examination with a score that qualifies for credit. If a student receives credit by examination for a course and that credit is entered on the student’s permanent record, the student cannot at a later date decide that the credit is no longer desired and have the course removed from the student’s transcript. However, a student may repeat a course for which credit by examination was earned by enrolling in a regularly scheduled class and earning a grade for the course that would replace the credit earned by examination.

    Prior to registering for a CLEP examination or local examination, ASU students must obtain the approval of the dean of the college in which they are majoring. Once students have registered for the CLEP exam, they will have two months (60 days) in which to take the exam. Normally, students are permitted to receive credit by examination for courses – except when they have completed advanced-level work in a particular field and are seeking additional lower-division credit in the same field.

    A student is not allowed to earn credit by examination for any course that the student has a grade of A, B, C, D, F, I, P, CR, NC, or AU. Credit by examination may not be earned for a course that is a prerequisite to another course in the same discipline for which the student has already earned credit. When such lower-division courses are required in a student’s degree plan, the student is encouraged to seek a modification in the degree plan, substituting an advanced-level course for the lower-division course.

    Credit earned by examination may not be used to reduce the residence requirements in any degree program.

    None of the examinations in the university’s Credit by Examination Program may be taken more than one time in a six-month period.

  • Enhanced American College Test (ACT) and Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT)

    Students scoring 29–31 on the English section of the ACT will receive credit for English 1301. Those scoring 32 or above will receive credit for English 1301 and English 1302. Students scoring 28 or above on the mathematics section will receive credit for Math 1314. Students scoring 29 or above on the science reasoning section will receive four semester credit hours in physical science (non-advanced credit with no ASU equivalent).

    Students scoring 630–670 on the verbal section of the SAT will receive credit for English 1301. Those scoring 680 or above will receive credit for English 1301 and 1302. Those scoring 630 or above on the mathematics section will credit for Math 1314.

    Students scoring 34-36 on the New SAT Reading Test will receive credit for English 1301; 37 or above on the New SAT Readying Test will receive credit for English 1301 and 1302.  Those scoring 650 or above on the Mathematics section of the New SAT will receive three semester credit hours in mathematics 1314.

    Students who earn non-advanced, non-equivalent credit in physical science on the basis of ACT scores cannot use this credit for fulfilling major, minor or certification requirements. Any student eligible to receive credit based on ACT or SAT scores must have these scores on file with the Admissions Office prior to the last day of the first semester enrolled. It is the student’s responsibility to provide ACT or SAT scores to the Admissions Office. Test scores cannot be older than five years. The credit will be awarded to the student in the first semester of enrollment. Credit will not be awarded after the student’s first semester at ASU.

    Credit by examination may be earned for the following courses. Credit by examination also may be earned for other university courses – with the permission of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

    College-level credit will be awarded as appropriate and reflected in the chart below, but no grade will be assigned. Credit thus awarded will not count as part of the student’s official grade point average.

Undergraduate Credit by Examination
Angelo State University Course and Number Examination Semester Credit Hours


DSST Art of the Western World


Biology 1309

DSST SE511 Environment and Humanity, no lab


Biology 1308/1108, 1309/1109

CLEP Biology


Business 1301

DSST SE543, Intro to Business


Business 2301

CLEP Introductory Business Law


Chemistry 1305/1105

Chemistry 1311/1111, 1312/1112

CLEP Chemistry (52-64)

CLEP Chemistry (65 or higher)



Computer Science 1301

Information Systems and Computer App (CLEP) or


Criminal Justice NENA*

DSST SG497, Intro to Law Enforcement


Criminal Justice 1301

DSST SF498, Intro to Criminal Justice


Economics 2301

CLEP Principles of Macroeconomics


Economics 2302

CLEP Principles of Microeconomics


English 1301

ACT English section or SAT verbal section

or CLEP College Composition 


English 1301, 1302

ACT English section or SAT verbal section or CLEP College Composition 


English 2321 + SLIT

CLEP English Literature


English 2326 + SLIT

CLEP American Literature


Finance 3362

DSST 550, Personal Finance


French 1301, 1302, 2311 CLEP College French Language 6-9

Geography NENA*

DSST SE470, Geography



DSST SF470, Human Cultural Geography


Geology 1303

DSST SF519, Physical Geology, no lab


German 1301

DSST SE579, Beginning German


German 1301, 1302, 2311

CLEP College German Language


History NENA*

DSST SE469, Intro to the Modern Middle East



DSST SE473, A History of the Vietnam War


History 1301

CLEP History of the United States I


History 1302

CLEP History of the United States II


History 2311

CLEP Western Civilization I


History 2312

CLEP Western Civilization II


History 3342

DSST SE483, The Civil War and Reconstruction


Kinesiology NENA*

DSST SF508, Here’s To Your Health


Management NENA*

DSST SF531, Organizational Behavior



DSST SE532, Principles of Supervision


Management NENA*

DSST SE530, Personnel/Human Resources Management


Management 3343

DSST SE551, Management Information Systems


Management NENA*

DSST SF474, Ethics in America


Marketing 3321

CLEP Principles of Marketing


Mathematics 1314 ACT Mathematics Usage section or SAT Quantitative section or CLEP College Algebra 3
Mathematics 1342 DSST Principles of Statistics 3
Mathematics 2312 CLEP Precalculus 3
Physical Science CENA & Biology CENA** ACT Natural Sciences section or CLEP Natural Sciences (General Examination) 6
Physical Science 1315 DSST Introduction to Physical Science 3

Physics 1303

DSST SF500, Fundamentals of Astronomy


Political Science 2305***

CLEP American Government


Psychology 2301

CLEP Introductory Psychology


Psychology 2304

DSST SF490, Lifespan Development Psychology



CLEP Human Growth and Development


Psychology 4319

DSST SE495, Substance Abuse


Psychology NENA

DSST SH562, Fundamentals of Counseling


Sociology 1301

CLEP Introductory Sociology


Spanish 1301

DSST SF583, Beginning Spanish I


Spanish 1302

DSST SF584, Beginning Spanish II


Spanish 1301, 1302, 2311

CLEP College Spanish Language or
Local Examinations


University Studies 2381

CLEP Humanities (General Examination)
CLEP Social Sciences and History (General Examination)


*Non-equivalent, non-advanced biology, criminal justice, geography, history, kinesiology or management credit earned by passing one of these examinations will not be used for fulfilling major, minor or certification requirements.

**Core-equivalent, non-advanced biology, criminal justice, geography, history, kinesiology or management credit earned by passing one of these examinations will not be used for fulfilling major, minor or certification requirements.

***The student who successfully completes the examination in political science must also successfully complete one of the following courses to graduate: Political Science 2306, 3303, 4301, or 4302.

CLEP General Examinations

CLEP general examination scores may be submitted for consideration for credit by individuals who have fewer than 30 semester credit hours, and only in the examination areas in which they have not earned semester credit hours. For example, a first-year student who has earned no semester credit hours in the fine arts (art, theatre, music) may take the CLEP general examination in the humanities and submit the scores for credit.

First-year students at ASU who desire to take a CLEP General Examination for credit should determine with the dean of their college if they are eligible for the credit sought prior to registering for the examination. Eligibility will be determined according to the courses for which the student has earned credit during the first year.

  1. Credit for physical science (non-advanced credit with no ASU course equivalent) will be allowed if the student has not earned semester credit hours for any chemistry, geology, physical science or physics courses.
  2. Credit for University Studies 2381 (humanities/fine arts) will be given if the student has not earned semester credit hours for any art, music or theatre courses.
  3. Credit for University Studies 2381 (social sciences and history) will be given if the student has not earned semester credit hours in any anthropology, economics, geography, political science, history, psychology or sociology courses.
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