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ASU Small Business Development Center

The ASU SBDC is part of a regional network of SBDCs throughout the South-West Texas Border Network. Our services include confidential, one-on-one, no-cost business advising services by Certified Business Advisors, along with a diverse array of business training events. Some of their areas of expertise include; Business Startup or Expansion, Business Financing, Business Planning, Doing Business with the Government, Loan Proposals, and Marketing. Contact us today to set up a no-cost and confidential appointment with an SBDC advisor.

  • ‘BizPitch’ Student Business Contest Winners

    Angelo State University’s Norris-Vincent College of Business and Small Business Development Center have announced the winners of the new BizPitch student entrepreneurship competition following the live finals event on April 30 in the LeGrand Alumni and Visitors Center.

  • Success Stories

    • <a href="/content/news/14310-wicked-good-food" title="Wicked Good Food!" aria-label="Wicked Good Food!"><img src="/content/image/gid/105/width/224/height/224/crop/1/src_region/0,0,679,454/31610_16Wicked_Good_Food-AB-Pic.rev.1512163428.jpg" alt="Wicked"/><br/><strong>Wicked Good Food!</strong></a><br/> “Adriana was amazing! She helped us through the whole process of starting our business licenses, permits, etc. I mean everything! Also, she worked with us multiple times to understand Quickbooks.”
    • <a href="/content/news/14395-longhorn-coffee-co" title="Long*Horn Coffee Co." aria-label="Long*Horn Coffee Co."><img src="/content/image/gid/105/width/224/height/224/crop/1/src_region/0,0,4096,2731/31608_1Longhorn_Coffee-_JV-Pic.rev.1512162959.JPG" alt="Longhorn"/><br/><strong>Long*Horn Coffee Co.</strong></a><br/> “…we were so very happy with his support and guidance throughout the competition.  James is very knowledgeable in business and startup procedures.”
    • <a href="/content/news/14249-it-is-your-choice-where-you-repair-your-vehicle" title="It Is Your Choice Where You Repair Your Vehicle!" aria-label="It Is Your Choice Where You Repair Your Vehicle!"><img src="/content/image/gid/105/width/224/height/224/crop/1/src_region/0,0,4096,2731/28930_16texas_lonestar_collision-ab.rev.1495662895.jpg" alt="Texas Lonestar Collision employees"/><br/><strong>It Is Your Choice Where You Repair Your Vehicle!</strong></a><br/> “The SBDC has been a tremendous help with the expansion of our newly constructed building that will serve as our new paint area. This will help with adding jobs & increase revenues.”
    • <a href="/content/news/16169-the-deadhorse-live-music-venue" title="The Deadhorse Live Music Venue" aria-label="The Deadhorse Live Music Venue"><img src="/content/image/gid/105/width/224/height/224/crop/1/src_region/0,0,512,512/34449_Deadhorse_1.rev.1529352949.jpg" alt="John Karcher"/><br/><strong>The Deadhorse Live Music Venue</strong></a><br/> “ Mr. Leavelle helped do my LLC and was immaculate at teaching the classes I took for the certification program gave me a huge insight to taking over the business as well as helping me understand the business aspect of things I was aware of.  Couldn’t have done it without!”
    • <a href="/content/news/16164-big-hungry-cafe" title="Big Hungry Cafe" aria-label="Big Hungry Cafe"><img src="/content/image/gid/105/width/224/height/224/crop/1/src_region/0,0,3000,2000/34439_Big_Hungry.rev.1529350164.jpg" alt="Billy Dale"/><br/><strong>Big Hungry Cafe</strong></a><br/> “The SBDC employee has been a great asset to my business. Helping in all aspects without the help I might not have made it. I am still not over the hump but feel like with continued help, I will succeed.”
    • <a href="/content/news/16705-wbf-mobile-window-tinting" title="WBF Mobile Window Tinting" aria-label="WBF Mobile Window Tinting"><img src="/content/image/gid/105/width/224/height/224/crop/1/src_region/0,0,889,859/35891_WBF_Mobile_Window_Tinting_2.rev.1544129732.JPG" alt="Cynthia & Michael Mitchell"/><br/><strong>WBF Mobile Window Tinting</strong></a><br/> “The SBDC were instrumental in assisting us in starting our business. Their direction and instructions made the process easy. They’re such a great friendly team.”
    • <a href="/content/news/16165-rdi-fabricators" title="RDI Fabricators" aria-label="RDI Fabricators"><img src="/content/image/gid/105/width/224/height/224/crop/1/src_region/0,0,1164,653/35887_RDI_FY18_5.rev.1544127038.jpg" alt="Jason Bradley"/><br/><strong>RDI Fabricators</strong></a><br/> “Mr. Leavelle helped in giving the resources needed to make a presentation to the bank and to Mr. Dicke in order to receive financing.”  Jason is now the 100% owner of the business.
    • <a href="/content/news/9421-relax-unwind-smile-inside-and-breathe" title="Relax, Unwind, Smile Inside and Breathe" aria-label="Relax, Unwind, Smile Inside and Breathe"><img src="/content/image/gid/105/width/224/height/224/crop/1/21588_img_2229.rev.1436899796.jpg" alt="Massage & Body Essentials"/><br/><strong>Relax, Unwind, Smile Inside and Breathe</strong></a><br/>Nancy Craig was working as a licensed massage therapist in Arkansas when her husband’s job brought them to San Angelo. Nancy explored possibilities of being an employee of a spa or of owning her own business. After learning what she could, Nancy settled on owning her own business and renting a room from a spa. To make sure that she set her business up correctly, Nancy contacted the AngeloState University – Small Business Development Center for assistance. She was assigned to business advisor James Leavelle.
    • <a href="/content/news/14239-discounted-prices-to-transport-your-goods" title="Discounted prices to transport your goods!" aria-label="Discounted prices to transport your goods!"><img src="/content/image/gid/105/width/224/height/224/crop/1/src_region/0,0,540,719/28913_7discount_transportationllc-ab-pic.rev.1495657470.jpg" alt=""/><br/><strong>Discounted prices to transport your goods!</strong></a><br/> “Adriana helped us guiding us though an extended process of filing the right paperwork with government agencies.”
    • <a href="/content/news/14219-community-client-rural-business-program" title="Community Client-Rural Business Program" aria-label="Community Client-Rural Business Program"><img src="/content/image/gid/105/width/224/height/224/crop/1/src_region/0,0,4096,2731/28873_3revitalize_christoval_-_pr-_pic.rev.1495487943.jpg" alt=""/><br/><strong>Community Client-Rural Business Program</strong></a><br/> “The assistance to Christoval made with and through SBDC connections have been critical to achieving successes thus far, including improved, sustainable quality of life and to forward movement toward better days for the community.”  
    • <a href="/content/news/16707-engine-pro-machine-llc" title="Engine Pro Machine LLC" aria-label="Engine Pro Machine LLC"><img src="/content/image/gid/105/width/224/height/224/crop/1/src_region/0,0,1276,851/35895_Engine_Pro.rev.1544133426.jpg" alt="Danny Nuñez"/><br/><strong>Engine Pro Machine LLC</strong></a><br/> Erickson assisted Danny and Lucy in putting together a business plan and financial projections to submit to the BREP program, which let them see the projected numbers for their new revenue stream. Danny and Lucy were very pleased with the assistance, as was Bob with the BREP program.  

    More Success Stories

Small Business Management Certificate Program

Starting a new business is an overwhelming challenge.  The ASU-SBDC developed the Small Business Management Certificate Program to help meet the needs of aspiring small business owners.  The program will help participants build essential business skills and knowledge on how to run a successful business.  Once you complete the requirements, you will receive your SBMCP certificate. 

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