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Graduating Carr Scholars

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The Scholarship Programs Office at Angelo State University would like to recognize the following Carr Scholars that will be graduating this Spring/Summer. These students received a Carr scholarship while at ASU and successfully achieved academic progress throughout the duration of their scholarship. Our office has enjoyed working with these students during their academic career at ASU and is proud to call them members of the Ram Fam. The Scholarship Programs Office wishes the 2019 Graduating Carr Scholars the best in their future endeavors. 

  • Carr Academic Scholars

    The following graduates are students that received a Carr Academic Scholarship as first-time freshman and successfully kept their scholarship during their time at Angelo State University. 

    Carr Academic Scholars
    Name Major
    Allen, Kirsten K. Animal Science
    Allen, Michaela B. Physics
    Allison, Joshua C. Finance
    Alvarado, Desiree V. Exercise Science
    Apperson, Nicholas A. Communication
    Bailey, Aubree E. English
    Barnett, Joshua C. Management
    Beamer, Ashley K. Agribusiness
    Benschoter, Claire L. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Bickford, Taylor P. Exercise Science
    Boehme, Zachary C. Computer Science
    Bonner, Steven B. Social Work
    Bowermaster, Jessica K. Exercise Science
    Boyce, Taylor L. Biology
    Brace, Sean P. Computer Science
    Brewer II, Charlie P. Physics
    Britt, Reid P. Computer Science
    Buckley, Joshua A. Finance
    Buenrostro, Astrid M. Integrated Professional Accountancy
    Burch, Evelyn J. Political Science
    Cabrera, Zachary N. Physics
    Campbell, Sarah R. Studio Art
    Camron, Jana K. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Champagne, Sarah E. Chemistry
    Chapman, Destiny R. Psychology
    Chen, Angela Biology
    Clark, Bonner T. Agribusiness
    Clark, Elena K. Mathematics
    Clibbens, Ryan E. Computer Science
    Colburn, Jackson R. Marketing
    Collom, Clancy K. Chemistry
    Compton, Naomi R. Finance
    Corral, Noe H. Management
    Couch, Jamie Q. International Business
    Cullins, Jacob M. Marketing
    Davis, Carrie M. Accounting
    Decker, Sydney K. Biology
    Delgado, Eliza M. Music
    Delorenzo, Sarah M. Social Work
    DeMaio, Jordan K. Integrated Finance
    Douglas, Ashley S. English
    Drew, Erin E. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Dunlap, Charles F. Computer Science
    Dunlap, Katherine N. Chemistry
    Emmons, Grant C. English
    Engel, Thomas H. Kinesiology
    Esparza, Jose L. Mathematics
    Fagen, Cole R. Natural Resource Management
    Faison, Katarra S. Communication
    Fidler, Katie A. Nursing
    Finch, Haleigh R. Nursing
    Fischer, Julie N. History
    Flavel, Colin C. Criminal Justice
    Franco, Cheyenne E. Psychology
    Freeman, Shelby K. Civil Engineering
    French, Leddy N. Exercise Science
    Gabaldon, Brianna N. Nursing
    Gonzales, Jonathan M. Mathematics
    Gonzales, Sonja M. Theatre
    Goza, Jacob G. Management
    Green, Megan R. Agribusiness
    Guadarrama, Sydney T. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Guerrero, Sara R. History- Social Studies Certification
    Guzman, Jacob E. Animal Science
    Halbrooks, Sierra C. Nursing
    Hale, Sonja G. Criminal Justice
    Halfmann, Bailey N. Nursing
    Hall, Adam T. Accounting
    Hamrick, Jordan C. Exercise Science
    Harvey, Bailey D. Mathematics
    Healey, Micah M. Studio Art
    Helms, Julian T. English- Secondary Certification
    Herring, David A. History- Social Studies Certification
    Hillert, Heather R. Biology
    Hindman, Arin S. Music- All Level Certification
    Hollins, Kiana A. Studio Art
    Hollon, Tristan E. Management Information Systems
    Hooten, Bailey N. Animal Science
    Horner, Garrett L. Biology
    Hoyt, Keelon Z. Finance
    Jefferson, Kajanna D. Management
    Johnson, Eric K. Computer Science
    Johnston, William D. Biology
    Jones, Cooper R. Integrated Professional Accountancy
    Jordan, Luke P. Biology
    Kaldor, Brittney A. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Keiser, Jordyn M. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Kuehner, Christopher K. Studio Art
    Kypfer, Blake S. Management
    Larsen, Cody A. Physics
    Larsson, Cole A. Marketing
    LeBlanc, Gabrielle M. Mass Media
    Lehane, Alicia D. History
    Levesque, Lucas R. Computer Science
    Lezovich, Jennifer M. Mathematics- Secondary Certification
    Liles, Nicholas A. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Lopez, Isaiah R. Finance
    Macias, Haley P. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Maddox, Austin J. Computer Science
    Maddox, Emily M. Management
    Madsen, Hans R. History
    Marshall, Joseph M. International Business
    Martinez, Johnny S. Management
    Martinez, Rita M. Animal Science
    Maslen, Harry P. Chemistry
    Masters, Tye J. English
    Mata, Zachary M. Management
    Mauldin, Chandler T. Management Information Systems
    McCallum, Cody C. Political Science
    Mccamey, Micheal D. Marketing
    McCarty, Tyler L. Finance
    McCulloch, Brittney L. Psychology
    McElheney, Mariah M. Psychology
    McGregor, Haley A. Intelligence, Security Studies, and Analysis
    Meek, Joshua M. Computer Science
    Meixner, Jacob H. Computer Science
    Mendez, Nicole Animal Science
    Moreno, Cody R. Animal Science
    Moreno, Dylan D. English
    Morris, Sydney B. English
    Motley, M’Kayla G. Biology
    Mullen, Shayna C. History
    Munsell, Rikee M. Psychology
    Naegeli, Kara M. Geoscience
    Neel, Bradlee F. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Negley, Marisa B. Biology
    Nelson, Jonathan A. Criminal Justice
    Nguyen, Duong Thuy Health Science Professions
    Nicholas, Morgan C. Food Animal Science Marketing
    Nichols, Kaitlyn A. Nursing
    Nodine, Jessica A. Exercise Science
    Nolan, Sean M. Computer Science
    Nyul, Rebecca T. Health Science Professions
    Oliver, Holt C. Management
    Oliver, Lane G. Integrated Agribusiness
    Ortiz, Enrique A. Social Work
    Pace, Joe S. Animal Science
    Page, Taylor E. Studio Art
    Parry, Seth A. Computer Science
    Pennington, Cassady Natural Resource Management
    Pinchback, Amariah A. Psychology
    Pope, Kelby M. Nursing
    Pruitt, Kaylee D. Health Science Professions
    Pujades Lopez, Laia Psychology
    Quesnel, Natalie M. Biology
    Rader, Kyle D. Intelligence, Security Studies, and Analysis
    Raines, Laura N. Mathematics
    Ray, Brianna M. Communication
    Reed, Jensen N. Nursing
    Regli, James W. Marketing
    Reitmayer, Jordan A. Psychology
    Rhodes, Justin E. Accounting
    Richardson, Stefani J. Psychology
    Riehle, Emily K. Biology
    Rios, Izia O. Accounting
    Rios, Jessica L. English
    Robbins, Calah A. Psychology
    Robbins, Raymond R. Natural Resource Management
    Rodarte, Elizabeth Biology
    Rodriguez, Pedro E. Theatre
    Rogge, Merit L. Music
    Romo Villa, Luis A. Mathematics
    Russell, Andrew J. Computer Science
    Salazar, Alondra R. Chemistry
    Salem, Isaac A. Computer Science
    Sanchez, Shirley M. Sociology
    Schell, Talia M. Health Science Professions
    Secoy, Caitlin J. Social Work
    Shoemake, Talon C. English
    Smith, Aaron M. Physics
    Smith, Hailey M. Psychology
    Snapp, Jennifer J. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Sparkman, Taylor M. Music- All Level Certification
    Spoo, Taylor M. Physics
    St.John, Christopher D. Agricultural Science and Leadership- Secondary Certification
    Stockland, Jacob J. Exercise Science
    Thomas, Kaitlyn R. Accounting
    Torres, Alyssa R. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Velasquez, Alan J. Exercise Science
    Vigil-Minyard, Zachary P. Studio Art
    Waddle, Everett A. Computer Science
    Wanzer, Hannah L. Nursing
    Watson, Brian M. Accounting
    Wegner, Clay A. Physics
    Weiler, Heidi A. Communication
    Wheat, William J. Intelligence, Security Studies, and Analysis
    Whitley, Daylon D. Border and Homeland Security
    Wimberly, Kendell J. Civil Engineering
    Winegeart, Teresa M. Political Science
    York, Chase E. Computer Science
  • Carr Academic Earn-In Scholars

    The following graduates are students that earned a Carr Academic Earn-In Scholarship based on their academic achievements while at Angelo State University. 

    Carr Academic Earn-In Scholars
    Name Major
    Aguirre, Jesse Management
    Allen, Megan M. Management
    Alva, Zachary T. Marketing
    Aroz, Agustin Criminal Justice
    Balague, Brooklyn D. Exercise Science
    Balderas, Madison L. Agribusiness
    Banister, Katelyn V. Management Information Systems
    Bluso, Izzabella T. Psychology
    Boyd, Macye L. Agribusiness
    Bradford, Gregory M. English- Secondary Certification
    Bustamante, Janeri R. Criminal Justice
    Canales, Arrin M. Criminal Justice
    Cardenas, Leslie A. Management
    Carranco, Izmael A. Accounting
    Cavada, Angela V. Theatre
    Chavarria, Miranda L. Mass Media
    Chavez, Kimberly A. International Business
    Clark, Gabrielle N. Kinesiology
    Clouse, Jordan L. Nursing 
    Copland, Roger K. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Coronado, Genesis A. Psychology
    Cowley, Destiny L. Agribusiness
    Cuevas, Jaqueline Political Science
    Daniel, Savanna L. Nursing 
    Dannheim, Andrea J. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Deel, Kylie M. Marketing
    Dempsey, Christian J. Physics
    Digby, Brittany C. Psychology
    Dixon, Micaela G. Psychology
    Durst, Justin H. Marketing
    Garcia, Christopher Z. Chemistry
    Garcia, Jessica I. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Gomez, Naomi D. Criminal Justice
    Hale, Josh A. History
    Hauser, George B. Psychology
    Henderson, Keasmine S. Nursing 
    Hendricks, Teruko M. Criminal Justice
    Hernandez, John A. Finance
    Johnson, Randall J. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Jones, Baile B. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Keany, Rachel D. Kinesiology
    Kim, Heerae Theatre
    Kim, Jung Ah Chemistry
    Kim, Nayoung Mathematics
    Kim, Ockjeong Biology
    Kinnard, Quintin L. Political Science
    Kirk, Taegan B. Exercise Science
    Kling, Natasha E. Agricultural Science and Leadership- Secondary Certification
    Kretschmer, Cody D. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Lewis, Jon-William D. Computer Science
    Little, Ryan C. Criminal Justice
    Longworth, Samantha N. Nursing 
    Lopez, Mezly T. Social Work
    Lopez, Thalia M. Accounting
    Lowack, Kade M. Management
    Lowack, Sara B. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Lozano, Sarah S. Management Information Systems
    Maier, Kimberly P. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Mallory, Colleen D. Psychology
    Manivong-Aguirre, Nancy Accounting
    Marshall, Tassara A. Marketing
    Medina, Justice S. Communication
    Mejia, Erica Social Work
    Mendez, Kali A. Kinesiology
    Mercer, Ryan M. Management
    Montanez, Carla K. Accounting
    Morales, Abrie N. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Muniz, Maria Del Carmen M. Health Science Professions
    Nguyen, Lisa T. Computer Science
    Park, Junoh Finance
    Parker, Kristel K. Nursing 
    Perez, Ricardo Computer Science
    Pittillo, Lauren H. Nursing 
    Rambo, Sadie A. Nursing 
    Rankin, Ethan S. Studio Art
    Reyes Valdez, Amber N. Health Science Professions
    Rhodes, Hollie N. Social Work
    Rumsey, Presley A. Studio Art
    Santana-Nolan, Brandon E. Physics
    Sea, Carlee D. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Sorrells, Jaylon J. Social Work
    Stephens, Chesney C. Kinesiology
    Taing, Sim G. Accounting
    Talamantez, Loren B. Studio Art
    Teague, Daniel M. Psychology
    Thompson, Shannon E. Kinesiology
    Trujillo, Joy A. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Valadez, Brian History
    Vasquez, Maria E. Management Information Systems
    Warren, Markus A. Music- All Level Certification
    Watson, Analise R. Exercise Science
    Wuthrich, Kimberlee A. Social Work
  • Carr Academic Transfer Scholars

    The following graduates are transfer students that were awarded a Carr Academic Transfer Scholarship upon their acceptance and successfully kept their scholarship during their time at Angelo State University. 

    Carr Academic Transfer Scholars
    Name Major
    Abbott, Teresa L. Psychology
    Aceves, Joseph D. English
    Alderton, Blake W. Finance
    Barrera, Selena M. Criminal Justice
    Bauman, Jalen O. Border and Homeland Security
    Bloesser, Jonathan C. Kinesiology
    Bolding, LaTrelle A. Management
    Boutte, Joshua D. Kinesiology
    Bradford, Sara E. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Brandon, Cole P. Intelligence, Security Studies, and Analysis
    Burmeister, Jenna M. Psychology
    Burtch, Rebecca A. Educator Preparation Program - Certificate
    Cortez, Marissa R. Applied Arts and Sciences
    Coscetti, Alexandra J. Communication
    Covington, Deante L. Intelligence, Security Studies, and Analysis
    Crouch, Kiair D. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Crowder, Danielle F. Psychology
    Daniel, Lora L. Social Work
    Daniels, Juliette F. Marketing
    Davis, Chantel L. Nursing
    De La Cruz, Antonio Theatre
    De La Cruz, Lorena A. Criminal Justice
    Delgado Suarez, Maria Esperanza Sociology
    Dominick-Warren, Aaliyah Social Work
    Dunbar, Janessa M. Kinesiology
    Duzik, Alyson A. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Elmore, Michael A. Intelligence, Security Studies, and Analysis
    Fanatico, Mackenzie C. Educator Preparation Program - Certificate
    Fry, Chad E. Certificate in Cybersecurity
    Gallardo, Mario B. Kinesiology
    Garcia, Jose E. Nursing
    Garcia, Kristina R. Social Work
    Gilbert, Katherine J. Chemistry
    Gonzalez, Laura R. Educator Preparation Program - Certificate
    Gutierrez, Dionicio Animal Science
    Hamilton, Matthew H. Biology
    Hampton, Dezirae A. Psychology
    Hampton, Taylor M. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Hanna, Allie N. Natural Resource Management
    Hardegree, Kalynn P. Animal Science
    Hodges, Cassie R. Nursing
    Hoefelmeyer, Evan W. Agribusiness
    Ingraham, Elizabeth A. Social Work
    Johnson, Ashley N. Management
    Johnson, Justin L. Marketing
    Johnson, Timothy R. Communication
    Jones, Dakota W. Theatre
    Jones, Kendal Interdisciplinary Studies
    Jones, Thomas D. Mass Media
    Kirksey, James B. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Leenerts, Ashley A. Spanish
    Littles, Dillen M. Marketing
    Lopez, Hilare E. Finance
    Macias, Brianna N. Social Work
    Martin, Dollie K. Educator Preparation Program - Certificate
    Martinez, Miriam F. Applied Arts and Sciences
    Mason, Irene C. Nursing
    Mata, Erika Interdisciplinary Studies
    Maxfield, Ashlee D. Educator Preparation Program - Certificate
    Mcadoo, Breanna M. Studio Art
    McDonald, Haley N. Management
    Mckee, Gavin C. History
    Mershon, Paige N. Psychology
    Mims, Daron M. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Miranda, Melissa A. Social Work
    Mitchell, Judy L. Animal Science
    Moore, Alexis N. Exercise Science
    Moore, Lewis K. Natural Resource Management
    Moosburger, Cassandra L. Intelligence, Security Studies, and Analysis
    Morales, Andrew J. Kinesiology
    Morales, Evelyn M. Intelligence, Security Studies, and Analysis
    Morris, Jaimee A. Psychology
    Morrow, Savannah K. Marketing
    Nunez, Stephanie K. Finance
    O’Brien, Justin P. Intelligence, Security Studies, and Analysis
    Parrish, Candy D. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Perez, Jocelyn A. Nursing
    Phillips, Ryan S. Mathematics
    Polis, Megan A. Social Work
    Raggio, Karli M. Communication
    Raley, Britnee C. Mass Media
    Ramirez, Jacquelyn V. Psychology
    Renteria, Krysteena Social Work
    Rivero, Savino J. Mathematics- Secondary Certification
    Roman, Stephanie Nursing
    Romero, Natalie A. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Rooks, Michael S. Physics
    Rotherham, Charles P. Management
    Samarripas, Kristina I. Criminal Justice
    Sargent, Justin B. Agricultural Science and Leadership- Secondary Certification
    Scott, Giovanna M. Communication
    Singleton, Antonio T. Kinesiology
    Slaughter, Asheley C. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Slaughter, Jordan J. Management
    Smith, Julie A. Psychology
    Smith, Sidney B. Studio Art
    Stanley, Cole W. Animal Science
    Stewart, Harley S. Management
    Storrie, Callie L. Educator Preparation Program - Certificate
    Sylva, Dillanger R. Management
    Talamantes, Sierra E. Psychology
    Tally Raneiri, Kelli A. Criminal Justice
    Valle, Eric J. Theatre
    Vasquez, Angel Psychology
    Vassar, Christy Nursing
    Wagnon, Zachary C. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Wesley, Brent E. Biology
    Whetstine, Sarah E. Health Science Professions
    Wood, Melissa D. Management Information Systems
    Wright, Megan M. Management
  • Carr Academic Graduate Scholars

    The following graduates were awarded a Carr Academic Graduate Scholarship upon their acceptance into their graduate program and successfully kept their scholarship during their academic career. 

    Carr Academic Graduate Scholars
    Name Field of Study
    Allen, Lauren N. Guidance and Counseling
    Bagwell, Amber R. Family Nurse Practitioner
    Bale, Jeffery L. Business Administration
    Beene, Courtney E. Curriculum and Instruction- Advanced Instructor
    Bell, Lauren T. Family Nurse Practitioner
    Berry, Crystal M. Educational Administration
    Boyd, Rebecca D. Guidance and Counseling
    Bray, Lindsay D. Family Nurse Practitioner
    Buckner, Katrina L. Business Administration
    Bush, Sarah E. Guidance and Counseling
    Carter, Jessica R. Business Administration
    Celaya, Samantha Guidance and Counseling
    Chairez, Candida K. Animal Science
    Choi, Soyun English
    Crank, Stephanie D. Applied Psychology
    Davis, Carolyn D. Applied Psychology
    Decherd, Ben Guidance and Counseling
    Decker, Samantha J. Business Administration
    Dennis, Morgan L. Criminal Justice
    Dunham, Brandy M. Counseling Psychology
    Englehart, Lindsey Coaching, Sport, Recreation and Fitness Administration
    Escoto, Angela Industrial-Organizational Psychology
    Eshelman, Lauren I. Integrated Professional Accountancy
    Estes, Shayla Coaching, Sport, Recreation and Fitness Administration
    Garza-Alvarez, Beatriz A. Guidance and Counseling
    George, Erica C. Guidance and Counseling
    Goodsell, Holly Applied Psychology
    Graham, Amber N. Coaching, Sport, Recreation and Fitness Administration
    Hall, Hayley F. Guidance and Counseling
    Hart, Haley L. Family Nurse Practitioner
    Harvey, Dalia H. Student Development and Leadership in Higher Education
    Hernandez, Zane R. Educational Administration
    Herrera, Savannah M. Business Administration
    Johnson, Amanda N. English
    Johnson, Brianna K. Business Administration
    Jones, Annie E. Guidance and Counseling
    Jones, Hannah L. Biology
    Jones, Michael J. Guidance and Counseling
    Kassamali, Naureen Guidance and Counseling
    Keller, Malayna G. Guidance and Counseling
    Kim, Jun Communication 
    Leachman, Justin Homeland Security
    Lee, William H. Global Security Studies
    Letellier, Lawrence Y. Family Nurse Practitioner
    Lewis, Elizabeth H. Business Administration
    Long, Hope M. English
    Lott, Elizabeth A. Criminal Justice
    Madrid, Rachel M. Curriculum and Instruction- Professional Education
    Mahler, Kendall R. Industrial-Organizational Psychology
    Maloney, Heather Guidance and Counseling
    Mcclendon, Kaci A. Guidance and Counseling
    Mikulik, Brigett M. Business Administration
    Miller, Clarence T. Curriculum and Instruction- Advanced Instructor
    Miller, Robert A. Industrial-Organizational Psychology
    Mills, Jordan English
    Miranda, Jacob F. Industrial-Organizational Psychology
    Montgomery, Borys M. Business Administration
    Morgan, Vanessa J. Guidance and Counseling
    O’Donnell, Lorena L. Applied Psychology
    Pace, Jan K. Business Administration
    Pavur, Stephanie L. Nurse Educator
    Pena, Kirsten V. Curriculum and Instruction- Advanced Instructor
    Pettye, Stephen E. Business Administration
    Pourshoushtari, Roxanne D. Biology
    Price, Riley T. Coaching, Sport, Recreation and Fitness Administration
    Redfearn, Robert A. Industrial-Organizational Psychology
    Reid, Taylor K. Coaching, Sport, Recreation and Fitness Administration
    Reopelle, Courtney R. English
    Rethaber, James D. Applied Psychology
    Rhodes, Jaden D. Family Nurse Practitioner
    Richardson, Christian A. Family Nurse Practitioner
    Riley, Katherine D. Industrial-Organizational Psychology
    Rios, Danielle R. Student Development and Leadership in Higher Education
    Rodriguez, Kevin Business Administration
    Saenz, Amanda K. Coaching, Sport, Recreation and Fitness Administration
    Sartin, Daniel E. Intelligence, Security Studies, and Analysis
    Shelton, Douglas E. Business Administration
    Simon, Amy L. Educational Administration
    Sulak, Theresa A. Guidance and Counseling
    Sumrall, Sarah J. Guidance and Counseling
    Thompson, Emma M. Coaching, Sport, Recreation and Fitness Administration
    Thornal, Eric R. Guidance and Counseling
    Tirado Medina, Ivan S. Business Administration
    Trujillo, Marissa Global Security Studies
    Tsambasis, Dimitra Curriculum and Instruction- Advanced Instructor
    Uribe, Ana B. Business Administration
    Villarreal, Brianna M. Applied Psychology
    Whipple, Kylee K. Educational Administration
    Wolfe, William S. Applied Psychology
    Young, Rita K. Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Carr Academic D.P.T. Scholars

    The following graduates were awarded a Carr Academic Scholarship upon their acceptance into the Doctor of Physical Therapy program and successfully kept their scholarship throughout the duration of their studies. 

    Carr Academic Doctor of Physical Therapy Scholars
    Name Field of Study
    Althof, Tyler Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Buck, Caitlyn M. Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Burtch, Jacob C. Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Carmichael, Luke Doctor of Physical Therapy
    David, Brett A. Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Dimalanta, Valerie A. Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Ede, Kelsey Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Garcia, Amanda R. Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Grimes, Daniel A. Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Hardin, Autumn Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Heuer, Nancy L. Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Hill, Laurel L. Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Hirt, Baylee C. Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Kim, Young-In Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Landin, Austin Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Martindale, Brandon S. Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Moreno, Shelby M. Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Ramirez, Clementino Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Rangel, Jose A. Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Ricci, Matthew J. Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Scheller, Mark Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Schroeter, Barton L. Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Smithson, Cevan C. Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Traverzo, Natalia C. Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Wicks, Michael J. Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Wilkinson, Jason L. Doctor of Physical Therapy

The Graduating Carr Scholars lists are based upon students’ status as of May 7, 2019 and may not reflect recent changes. If you do not see a graduating Carr Scholar’s name on the list, please contact our office at 325-942-2777.

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