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2020 Tryout Information

Info and dates for our 2021/22 tryouts have not been determined just yet. Information will be posted here once it has been decided. 

  • Tryout Cheer & Fight Song

    ASU Cheer Tryout Chant

    ASU Fight Song

  • Traditions Interview Questions

    Below are sample interview questions. Any combination of these questions could be used during the interview process. 

    Tradition Questions:

    What is the name of the purebred ram that is present at the ASU ring ceremony and what do graduating students do with him at the ceremony? Dominic - Rub their rings for good luck 

    What is the name of the ASU Alma Mater? In time to come

    What motto is displayed on the university seal? Fiat Lux

    What is the name of the University president? Interim President Angie Wright

    What is the name of the tailgate that takes place prior to all home football games and where is it located? Ram Jam - LeGrand Alumni Center

    What are the official colors of the university? Blue & Gold

    What tradition is held the night before the homecoming game each year? Bonfire

    What are the names of our two costumed mascots? Roscoe & Bella

    What is the sticky tradition that students believe will bring them good luck on campus? Gum Tree

    What statues are featured in front of the Junell Center/Stephens Arena? Ram & Ewe Statue

    What is the hand symbol for Angelo State? Ram’s Head

    At the start of the second half of all home football games the crowd is invited to join in forming what? The victory line

    Cheerleading & Athletics Questions

    What is the purpose of the ASU Coed Cheer Team? Support ASU athletics, be an ambassador of the university, and represent ASU at college nationals

    Which sporting events do the ASU cheerleaders attend? Football, volleyball, and basketball 

    During the summer, what events are the ASU cheerleaders required to attend? Orientation, cheer camp, and work week

    What is the name of the stadium where all home football games take place? LeGrand Stadium

    Where are all of the home volleyball & basketball games held? Junell Center - Stephens Arena

    What do we call our female sports teams at Angelo State? Rambelles or Belles

    Who is the Angelo State University Athletic Director? James Reid

    What campus department does the ASU cheer program fall under? Student Life

    What are the core covenants of the ASU cheer program? Dedication, Family, and Integrity

    What college nationals does the ASU cheer team attend and where is it located? USA College Nationals in Anaheim, CA

    In what years does ASU Cheer have National Championships? 2018, 2019, & 2020

  • Who’s Eligible to Tryout?

    Current ASU Students

    To qualify, current ASU students must have a of 2.0 or higher at the time of tryouts, be enrolled for at least 12 semester credit hours and be in good standing with the university.

    Incoming Transfer Students

    Students transferring from another college or university must have been admitted to ASU at the time of tryouts and have a GPA of at least 2.0.

    Incoming Freshmen

    Incoming freshmen must have been admitted to ASU at the time of tryouts.

    Credit & GPA Requirement For Team Members

    All members who make the ASU Cheer Team must be enrolled and complete at least 12 semester credit hours and earn at least a GPA of 2.0 each semester. Each member is also expected to maintain a minimum accumulative GPA of 2.0 and be in good standing with the university while on the team. Only the ASU cheerleading head coach may grant exceptions to the course load requirement. Any member who fails to maintain these requirements is subject to dismissal from the team. 

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For more information about  ASU Cheer & Mascots, our office is located on the Garden Level of the University Center.

Call us at 325-942-2062 or email us at or 

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