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Cheer & Mascot Tryouts

2018 Fall Cheer & Mascot Tryouts

Date: August 25th, 2018 

Time: 9:00am - 11:00am

Location: Center for Human Performance gym

Attire: Females - Black sports bra, black spandex, hair half up half down straightened with a white bow and cheer shoes. Males & Mascots - Black shorts, black t-shirt, and athletic shoes or cheer shoes. 

 Males: previous cheer experience/Tumbling is not required

Important Tryout Information

This is a YEAR LONG commitment. Our season begins in the summer with work week and camp. We then move on to Rambunctious week activities as well as home and away football games and home volleyball games for the fall. In the winter we cheer home basketball games and in the spring the team will attend USA College Cheer Nationals in Anaheim, CA. The team also attends select community appearances throughout the year as well. 

Tryouts will be held on a nine panel cheer floor. No spring floor will be available

The ASU Cheerleading Team will stunt All-Girl and Co-Ed throughout the season.


  • Required Forms

    All forms are required prior to tryouts


  • Skill Requirements/Tryout Eligibility

    Cheerleading Skill Requirements:

    The following skills will be judged at tryouts:

    Run Tumbling (Each candidate will be asked to perform their highest level run tumbling pass. The below skills will receive the associated point values given when performed. Execution of the run tumbling pass will also be judged.)

    Run Tumbling point values
    Point Value Skill
    1 -  Round off
    2 - Round off Back handspring
    3 - Round off 2 Back handsprings
    4 -  Round off 3+ Back handsprings
    5 -  Round off Back Tuck
    6 -  Round off Back handspring(s) Back Tuck
    7 -  Round off Layout
    8 -  Round off Back handspring(s) Layout
    9 -  Round off Full
    10 - Round off Back handspring(s) Full

    Standing Tumbling (Each candidate will be asked to perform their highest level standing tumbling. The associated point values will be received based on the skill performed. Execution of standing tumbling will also be judged.)

    Standing Tumbling point values
    Point Value Skill
    1 -  Spotted Back handspring
    2 -  Standing Back handspring
    3 -  Two Back handsprings
    4 -  3+ Back handsprings
    5 -  Standing Back Tuck
    6 -  Back handspring Back Tuck
    7 -  2+ Back handsprings to Back Tuck
    8 -  Back handspring Layout
    9 -  2+ Back handsprings to Layout
    10 -  Standing Full

    Group Stunt (Both Males & Females will be required to perform at least one group stunt. Females that are trying out as a base or backspot will be asked to perform two group stunts. Stunt execution will also be scored.)

    Group Stunt point values
    Point Value Group Stunt
    1 -  Prep or Prep Press Extension w/pop off
    2 -  Straight Up Extension w/pop off
    3 -  Straight Up Lib w/pop off
    4 -  Extension Full Down or Lib Full Down
    5 -  Body Position to Full Down
    6 -  Full Up to Extension w/pop off
    7 -  Full up to Lib w/pop off
    8 -  Full up to Extension or Lib with Full Down
    9 -  Extension Double Down
    10 -  Rewind to Extension

    Partner Stunt (All Males and females trying out as flyers will be required to perform at least one partner stunt. Partner stunt execution will also be scored.)

    Partner Stunt point values
    Point Value Partner Stunt 
    1 -  Toss Chair w/pop off
    2 -  Walk-In Hands w/pop off
    3 -  Walk-In Extension w/pop off
    4 -  Toss Hands w/pop off
    5 -  Toss Hands Press Extension w/pop off
    6 -  Toss Hands Press Lib w/pop off
    7 -  Toss Extension w/pop off
    8 -  Toss Extension to Lib
    9 -  Toss Lib
    10 -  Toss Awesome

    Jumps: (All candidates will be asked to perform and will be scored on all of the below listed jumps)

    • Right Hurdler
    • Left Hurdler
    • Double Toe Touch
    • Pike
    • Double Toe Touch to Skill of choice

    Cheer (Available under the video tab - will be reviewed on day 1 of tryouts)

    Fight Song (Available under the video tab - will be reviewed on day 1 of tryouts)

    Basket Tosses (Each candidate will be asked to base, back, or fly one basket to be judged. Basket toss execution will also be judged.)

    Basket Toss point values
    Point Value  Basket Toss
    1 - Straight Ride
    2 -  Toe Touch or Pike
    3 -  Flipping Basket
    4 -  Flipping with Flair
    5 -  Flipping and Twisting

    Interview (Please follow the following links for information on possible interview questions)

    • ASU Traditions - Questions can include information about any of the traditions listed. 
    • ASU Sports - Questions will be tailored specifically for to the sports that the ASU Cheer Team supports (Football, basketball, and volleyball). Important points include but are not limited to the names of head coaches and the location of where each teams games are held. 
    • Personal - A series of personal questions will be asked. 

    Mascot Tryout Requirements

    Mascots will be required to attend ONLY day 2 of tryouts. (April 22nd, 2018)

    Mascots will not be required to perform a skit at tryouts. Instead, candidates will be asked to perform their “game day” while the cheerleaders perform the ASU fight song and cheer. 

    Mascots will be judged on the following interview categories and receive 10 points for every correct answer; History at ASU, Sports, and Traditions. They will also receive up to 10 points for their overall interview. The answers to these questions can be found on the “Traditions” as well as the Athletic Website.

    Mascots will also be judged on the following “Skills”

    Mascot point values
    Point Value   
    10 Mascot Walk
    10 Confidence in Costume
    10 Crowd Interaction During Cheer
    10  Crowd Interaction During Fight Song
    10 Improvisation - Body Language

    Mascots will also receive an overall impression score out of 10. 

    We are looking for candidates who interact well with the crowd, have high energy, and keep the fans engaged!

    Mascots are required to turn in all the forms listed on the website under cheer tryouts. 

    Mascots will be required to attend one cheer practice every other week. 

    Cheerleading & Mascot Tryout Eligibility

    Current ASU Students

    To qualify, current ASU students must have a of 2.0 or higher at the time of tryouts, be enrolled for at least 12 semester credit hours and be in good standing with the university.

    Incoming Transfer Students

    Students transferring from another college or university must have been admitted to ASU at the time of tryouts and have a GPA of at least 2.0.

    Incoming Freshmen

    Incoming freshmen must have been admitted to ASU at the time of tryouts.

    All Candidates

    All candidates must provide proof of insurance and complete medical information forms prior to tryouts. The university provides supplemental medical insurance through the Athletic Department. All students selected for the team must have a physical exam prior to being placed on the insurance policy.

    General Expectations

    All members of the ASU cheerleading & mascot teams must be enrolled and complete at least 12 semester credit hours and earn at least a GPA of 2.0 each semester. Each member is also expected to maintain a minimum accumulative GPA of 2.0 and be in good standing with the university while on the team. Only the ASU cheerleading head coach may grant exceptions to the course load requirement. Any member who fails to maintain these requirements or who engages in activities detrimental to the cheerleading or mascot teams or to ASU is subject to dismissal from the team. 

  • Fight Song, Cheer, Jump Prep, & Tumbling Prep Videos

    ASU Cheer Fight Song

    ASU Cheer Tryout Chant

    ASU Cheer Double Toe Touch

    ASU Cheer Right Hurdler

    ASU Cheer Left Hurdler

    ASU Cheer Pike Jump

    ASU Cheer Tumbling Prep

  • Video Tryout Information

    Video Submissions Due By April 20th, 2018

    Video tryout submissions must fill out a tryout application by 11:59 p.m. to be considered. 

    Please submit all video tryouts to the email. If the video cannot be sent because the file is to large a youtube link may be emailed to the same email. Please be sure the video is set to public so there is no trouble viewing. 

    All video applicants must fill out and submit all required paperwork to be considered

    Video Format

    Introduction – Name, age, where you are from

    Interview: Please read and answer the following questions:

    • What is your cheer background?
    • What qualities make you and outstanding candidate for the ASU Cheer Team?
    • What measures will you take throughout the semester to ensure you continue to meet the minimum GPA requirement?
    • What do you feel is the most important role of an ASU Cheerleader?
    • How many costumed mascots does ASU have & what are their names?
    • What is the name of the tailgate that takes place before each home football game?
    • What tradition takes place at halftime of football games that the crowd can participate in?
    • Where do home volleyball & basketball games take place?
    • What is the name of the ASU Football Stadium?
    • Please name the football, volleyball, and Men’s & Women’s basketball coaches names.

    ***Points will be deducted/no credit will be given to athletes who use any device to read off the answers to these questions. 



    Videos without tumbling will still be considered. If you do no have tumbling, please skip this section

    • Highest Level Standing Tumbling - Please perform your highest standing tumbling skill
    • Highest Level Running Tumbling - Please perform your highest run tumbling skill
    • Double Toe Touch
    • Right & Left Hurdler
    • Pike
    • Double Toe Touch to Skill
    • Two different group stunts - 1 group stunt if a flyer - Base or Back please perform 2 stunts
    • ONE partner stunt for flyers
    • ASU Cheer
    • ASU Fight Song
    • One Basket Toss - Please perform your most elite basket toss


    Videos without tumbling will still be considered. If you do no have tumbling, please skip this section

    • Highest Run Tumbling - Please perform your highest run tumbling pass
    • Highest Standing Tumbling - please perform your highest standing tumbling skill
    • Double Toe Touch
    • Right & Left Hurdle
    • Pike
    • Double Toe Touch to Skill
    • ONE group stunt 
    • ONE partner stunt
    • ASU Cheer
    • ASU Fight Song
    • One Basket Toss - Please perform your most elite basket 

    Video submissions must be received by April 20th at 11:59 p.m. to be considered. Please attach all of the required documents along with the video the submission email.

    Video tryout attire is the same as tryout attire

  • Tryout Attire

    Females: Black Sports Bras, Black Spandex, Cheer Shoes, Cheer Bow, Game Face Ready

    Males: Black T-Shirt, Black Shorts, Tennis shoes

    Mascots: Please wear athletic clothing that you are able to move around in and/or perform in. 

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Do you offer scholarships for all team members?

      YES! All cheer scholarships start at $1,000 a year. This is awarded in two payments - half each semester. Requirements include, but are not limited to meeting GPA standards (2.0+), being enrolled as a full time student, and following the ASU Cheer Rules & Policies. For out of state students, this scholarship awards you with in-state tuition. 

      Mascots are eligible to receive scholarships as well. Mascot scholarship amounts vary by season.

    • What ASU Athletic Teams does the ASU Cheer Team support?

      The team will cheer for home football games. Travel teams will be made for away football games. The team will be split into blue & gold teams for volleyball and basketball home games. 

      Mascots will support all home football, volleyball & basketball games. They will also attend select soccer, baseball & softball games as well as several community/campus events as requested. 

    • Does the team compete?

      YES! As of the 2017-18 season, the cheer team will attend USA College Nationals in Anaheim, CA in February. Competition locations may vary by season. 

      Mascots are eligible to attend and compete at Mascot Nationals as well. This opportunity will vary based on the season.

    • Does being a part of the ASU Cheer Team mean I have to compete?

      YES! Our program has one team that is both sideline & competitive. By trying out and accepting a position on the team you are committing to fulfill both the sideline & competitive part of the program. 

    • Who can tryout for ASU Cheer?

      Any current ASU student meeting tryout requirements is eligible to tryout. Incoming freshman and transfer students are welcome to tryout as well, as long as they have been admitted to ASU. Graduate students are welcome to tryout as long as they are full-time status.

    • Where are tryouts held?

      Tryouts are held in the Center for Human Performance (CHP) Gym. 

    • How many people make the team?

      The cheer team can have up to 30 members comprised of both males and females. 

      The Mascot team is made up of approximately 5 team members both male and female. 

    • What type of cheer squad does ASU have?

      ASU Cheer is a small-coed team comprised of males and females.

    • Is there a height and weight requirement?

      No. We do not have a certain weight and/or height requirement for squad members. We do ask that all members maintain the appropriate physique and are able to participate in all activities throughout the entire season. 

      There is no height or weight requirement for mascots. 

    • What are practices like and what is a typical practice schedule?

      The team practices Monday & Wednesday evenings for 2 hours and Friday mornings for 2 hours. The team is also required to attend morning conditioning on Tuesday & Thursday mornings. 

      In addition to these schedule practices, there are practices scheduled during the summer leading up to NCA camp. Holiday breaks may be shortened for additional practices as needed. 

      Mascots will attend two cheer practices a month to stay up to date with the cheer team material.

    • What are the benefits of being an ASU Cheerleader?

      In addition to receiving a cheerleading scholarship, cheerleaders receive all uniforms and accessories, warm-ups, shoes, camp clothes, camp, travel and meals paid for. We also have access to Athletic Training and the opportunity to cheer for NCAA Division II athletics. 

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  • For more information about  ASU Cheerleading, our office is located on the Garden Level of the University Center.

    Call us at 325-942-2062 or email us at

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