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Kinetic Global Personal Safety App

Kinetic Global, formerly LifeLine Response Enterprise, is a personal safety mobile app for iPhone and Android devices. The app is offered free to full-time ASU students, faculty and staff.


  •  Thumb Mode: The ability to arm the app so that when you remove your thumb from your smartphone screen, an alert can be sent to emergency responders.
  •  Timer Mode: A hands-free timer mode that sends an emergency alert if you have not de-activated the app within a specified amount of time (ideal for activities such as jogging or carrying books).
  •  GPS Location: GPS location and tracking to help emergency responders pinpoint your exact location.
  •  LifeLines: In addition to alerting a 24-hour call center during an emergency, the app will also send a notification to up to seven contacts of your choice.

Important: Kinetic Global is for your personal safety and should be used responsibly. Willful misuse of the app could have serious consequences.

  • Warning

    Willful misuse of Kinetic Global could constitute a criminal offense. Misuse of the app may include a false alarm or report.

    Texas Penal Code Section 42.06. False Alarm or Report

    • A person commits an offense if he knowingly initiates, communicates or circulates a report of a present, past, or future bombing, fire, offense, or other emergency that he knows is false or baseless and that would ordinarily:
      1. cause action by an official or volunteer agency organized to deal with emergencies;
      2. place a person in fear of imminent serious bodily injury; or
      3. prevent or interrupt the occupation of a building, room, place of assembly, place to which the public has access, or aircraft, automobile, or other mode of conveyance.
    • An offense under this section is a Class A misdemeanor unless the false report is of an emergency involving a public primary or secondary school, public communications, public transportation, public water, gas, or power supply or other public service, in which event the offense is a state jail felony.

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  • Being proactive about your safety is as easy as 1-2-3.

    1. Watch the video on this page to learn how the app works.
    2. Download the app using the link below.
    3. Register within the app using your official ASU email address. (

Download Kinetic Global

Scan this QR Code to download the Kinetic Global app

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