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Arnold Air Society at Leadership Conference in San Antonio, TX

Funding for Student Organizations

Student Organization Leadership Fund (SOLF)

The Student Organization Leadership Fund (SOLF) provides Angelo State University registered student organizations (RSO) access to financial resources so that they can provide programs and activities for the campus community. SOLF provides funding for activities that are over and above the routine needs of student organizations as it is reasonable to expect organizations to pay for their basic expenses through dues, donations, fund-raisers, and other methods of self-support. SOLF is primarily intended for those organizations that do not have access to funding from other campus departments or programs.  

The SOLF program is designed to assist student organizations in the following areas:

  1. Sponsoring programs or events that enhance the social, recreational, and/or academic aspects of campus life, and
  2. Assistance traveling to participate in endeavors that contribute to the leadership or professional development of RSO members.


The Student Organization Advisory Council (SOAC) is looking for RSO category representatives!
Representatives are needed for the Academic/Professional, Multicultural/International, Service, Special Interest and Spiritual Life positions. 

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