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Mozilla Firefox

How to Delete History and internet Files (Cache)

  1. Click on the Mozilla Firefox icon from the windows desktop or within the start menu from Start/Programs/ASU Network. The Mozilla Firefox browser is shown in Figure 1.Mozilla Firefox Window
    Figure 1: Webpage on Mozilla Firefox
  2. Click on the Tools menu from the toolbar as shown in Figure 2.Mozilla Firefox Tools Menubar
    Figure 2: Mozilla Firefox with Tools menu Selected
  3. Select Clear Private Data out of the Tools Menu as shown in Figure 3. The result of this step should be shown in Figure 4.Mozilla Firefox Tools|Clear Private Data Menubar
    Figure 3: Mozilla Firefox with the Clear Private Data selection.
  4. Click on the Clear Private Data Now button in the window that pops up as shown in Figure 4.Mozilla Firefox Tools|Internet Options|Clear History Dialog Box
    Figure 4: Clear History Process

Click on the History button on the toolbar menu. There should be no links listed, if this result does not appear, then repeat steps 1 through 4.