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Information Technology Facts and Trends

Internet Traffic - Typical Day (As of September 2016)
  Bits Per Second
6am .4G
7am .5G
8am .6G
9am .8G
10am 1.1G
11am 1.4G
12pm 1.2G
1pm 1.5G
2pm 1.6G
3pm 1.6G
4pm 1.8G
5pm 1.6G
6pm 1.5G
7pm 1.5G
8pm 1.5G
9pm 1.6G
10pm 2G
11pm 1.9G
12am 1.7G
1am 1.3G
2am 1G
3am .7G
4am .5G
5am .4G