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Proofpoint Email Protection

ASU Information Technology uses Proofpoint software to help protect our users from unwanted or harmful messages by blocking spam, quarantining unwanted messages, and preventing users from accessing malicious links.

Proofpoint features:

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Proofpoint Digest Email

Users can optionally choose to receive a daily spam digest email. The digest contains a list of emails that have been quarantined as suspected spam since the previous digest. It is sent weekdays between 8-9 a.m. unless no new messages have been quarantined.

If you do not currently receive the daily digest and would like to, log in to Proofpoint with your ASU username and password, and edit your profile settings. You must have the option “Send daily Spam Digest email notifying me of newly quarantined messageschecked, and your spam detection level must be set to either Medium or High.

Your digest lists emails that have been filtered by the spam manager, giving you an opportunity to take action on them. It also includes links to help you manage your quarantine settings.

Screenshot of a daily spam digest email containing 2 quarantined messages with links to preview, ...

  1. Links are available to:
    • Send New Spam Digest - Click this link to have a new digest sent. This is especially useful if you are expecting an email that may have been blocked. Note that this will send an email listing all messages in your quarantine, not just new ones.
    • Send Safe/Blocked Senders List - Click this link to have an email containing a listing of your safe and blocked senders sent to you.
    • Manage My Quarantine - Click this link to access the Proofpoint web console where you can access your full quarantine, manage your safe and blocked sender lists, and update your personal settings. See below for more information about the web console.
  2. The digest lists quarantined emails:
    • Click the email subject to safely preview the message online.
    • Click Release to immediately have an email delivered to your inbox.
    • Click Allow Sender to release an email to your inbox and automatically add the sender to your safe sender list so it won’t be blocked again.
    • Click Block Sender to add a sender to your blocked list. This will prevent emails from that sender from reaching you again.

Proofpoint Web Console

Proofpoint quarantines suspected spam emails instead of delivering them to your inbox. Messages are kept in your quarantine for 14 days before being discarded, allowing you time to take action on them. The web console lists all currently quarantined messages and allows you to update your spam protection settings. To access your personal web console log in to Proofpoint with your ASU username and password, or click the Manage My Quarantine link in one of your digest emails.

Quarantine List

Your Quarantine lists all messages that have been blocked until they have been deleted manually or automatically after 14 days.

Screenshot of the Proofpoint Spam Manager web console showing the quarantine list.

  1. Click the Quarantine link in the lower left corner of the web console to access your personal quarantine.
  2. All currently quarantined messages are displayed in the list.
  3. Select a message to display a preview so you can safely determine if the message is spam or not.
  4. Select one or more messages to take action on them from the toolbar:
    • Release - Deliver the selected message(s) to your inbox.
    • Block Sender - Add the selected sender(s) to your Blocked Senders list.
    • Delete - Delete the selected message(s) from your quarantine.
    • Allow Sender - Deliver the selected message(s) to your inbox and add the sender(s) to your Safe Senders list.

Safe and Blocked Sender Lists

Your Safe Senders List contains a list of senders that you have marked as safe. Emails from safe senders will not be quarantined. Your Blocked Senders List contains a list of senders that you have blocked. Emails from blocked senders will not be delivered to your inbox or placed in your quarantine.

Screenshot of the Proofpoint web console showing the Block Senders List.

  1. Click the Lists link in the lower left corner of the web console to access your Safe and Blocked Senders Lists.
  2. Choose a list from the menu to view your Safe Senders List or Blocked Senders List.
  3. Email addresses you have added to your lists are displayed.
  4. The toolbar allows you to:
    • New - Add a new email address to your list. Senders can be entered as a full email address ( to allow or block a specific sender or as a domain only ( to allow or block all messages from that domain.
    • Edit - Select a sender(s) in the list and click Edit to modify the email address(es).
    • Delete - Select a sender(s) in the list and click Delete to remove the email address(es).

Profile Settings

You can modify your settings to adjust your digest and spam detection preferences.

Screenshot of the Proofpoint web console showing the Settings screen.

  1. Click the Profile link in the lower left corner of the web console to access your settings.
  2. You can choose whether or not you want to receive the daily spam digest email and whether or not the digest should be sent even when there are no newly quarantined messages.
  3. You can choose your preferred level of spam detection:
    • Low - This setting does not send any mail to your quarantine and is useful if you do not receive much unwanted mail.
      Because no mail is quarantined, you will not receive a digest even if “Send daily Spam Digest email notifying me of newly quarantined messages” is checked (unless “Send daily Spam Digest email even when I have no new messages in my quarantine” is also checked in which case you will receive an empty digest email daily).
    • Medium - This setting is sufficient for most users for identifying and quarantining the majority of unwanted mail.
    • High - This setting is recommended for users who receive a high volume of unwanted mail.

Proofpoint URL Defense

Proofpoint also helps protect users from phishing and other malicious email links. Phishing emails often look like they come from a legitimate source but contain links to harmful websites that try to trick users into entering sensitive information. Proofpoint scans links in emails and blocks access to potentially harmful websites.

Important: Proofpoint rewrites links in emails so websites can be checked for safety before users access them. You may notice that links in emails now begin with


Hovering over a link in an email shows the url rewritten:

Link to rewritten with proofpoint url.

Rewritten links in plain text emails may be visible in the email body without having to hover over the link:

A plain text email link rewritten with proofpoint's url defense.

Malicious Links

If Proofpoint determines that the destination of a link is unsafe when clicked users will see a message stating that the page has been classified as malicious and blocked.

Proofpoint screen showing that a link has been identified as malicious and blocked.

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