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Remote Network Access

All ASU students, faculty, and staff must request access before connecting to the ASU Network remotely by completing the Remote Network Access Request form.

Once your account has been approved for remote access, follow the instructions on this page to connect to your drives and campus computers.

*Student VPN access will be removed after each long semester. If you still need access to VPN, please fill out the form again.

Remote Desktop Connection (Fac/Staff)

Faculty and Staff can access their office PC using Remote Desktop Connection software. This is the preferred method for accessing campus resources from off-campus.

On your Office PC

  1. Go to the System Control Panel (Start > Control Panel > System). Write down the Full computer name.
  2. Click on the Remote Settings in the System Control Panel. Make sure Remote Desktop is allowed. 
  3. Leave the computer powered on. You do not have to stay logged into the computer to connect remotely.

On your Home Computer

  1. Download remote desktop app
  2. Configure remote desktop app

Remote Drive Access

ASU uses VPN software to allow remote users to connect securely to the ASU network and get to resources that are usually only available from on campus.

You must fill out the remote network access request form above before using VPN. When your account is approved for remote network access, install the VPN software.

Then, when you need remote access to your drives, run the VPN software to connect to the ASU network. Once connected, you can access documents and files stored on your network drives from off-campus.

Learn more about VPN installation and usage

Learn more about Network Drive Space 

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