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Security Updates

Using Update for Microsoft Windows and other products

  1. Connect to the internet, and then start Windows internet Explorer.
  2. On the Tools menu (IE 6 and 7) or Safety menu (IE 8), click Windows Update.
  3. If Microsoft Update is not installed, click Microsoft Update. Otherwise, go to step 7.
  4. On the Try Microsoft Update today web page, click Start Now, and then click Continue on the Review the license agreement web page.
  5. In the Security Warning dialog box, click Install to install Microsoft Update.
  6. On the Welcome to Microsoft update web page, click Check for Updates
  7. On the Keep your computer up to date web page, click Express to install high priority updates.
  8. On the Review and Install Updates web page, click Install Updates, and then follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.
  9. After you install the high priority updates, you can repeat these steps to install other updates. To do this, click Custom on the Keep your computer up to date web page. Then, you can select updates from the sections that are listed on the navigation pane.

To Schedule Automatic Updates

You can set up Windows to automatically download updates and install them on a schedule you specify. This enables you to keep your computer up-to-date without any interruptions. You don’t even have to be at your computer.

Microsoft Articles

The following is a recommended “HOW TO” article available from Microsoft to further assist you in the area of keeping your Windows computer secure and up-to-date:

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