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Office 365 Email Migration

ASU is migrating all employee email accounts (including Calendar and Contacts) from Microsoft Exchange to Office 365. In addition to the performance and stability improvements that come with upgrading to the latest hardware and software, Office 365 will offer several new features:

  • Off Campus Access - Use Outlook at home or off-campus without having to VPN.
  • New Webmail - An all new web version of Outlook replaces OWA which had limited functionality in most browsers. Following the migration, you can access the new Outlook online at
  • Benefits for Mac Users - In addition to the improved webmail, Mac users can upgrade to the latest Outlook which was not compatible with the old Exchange server.

How does this affect me?

For many users the transition to Office 365 email will be fairly seamless. Once your account has been migrated by IT you will have a few simple steps to perform. Depending on what types of devices you use to check your ASU email, your steps may vary, but all of the information you will need will be provided via email leading up to your migration, and on this website.

Migration Process

ASU Information Technology will work with individual areas of campus to migrate their email accounts one department/office at a time. During your area’s migration period the following steps will take place.

  1. Users will receive email communication in the weeks leading up to their migration with important information, including the exact date of their migration.
  2. One week prior to your migration, we will perform an initial sync of data from your existing Exchange account to the new Office 365 account. This will limit the amount of data that has to be synced on the night of the final migration.
  3. During the evening of your migration, a final sync of data to Office 365 will be performed and your account will be moved.
  4. The morning following your transition, you will need to update all of the devices you use to check ASU email. Please refer to the update guides below for the steps involved for each type.

Update Guides

Outlook Icon
Outlook Mac Icon
Outlook Mac
Apple Mail Icon
Apple Mail
 Apple Logo
iPhones and iPads
Apple Logo
iPhones and iPads
Android Logo
Android Devices

Project Resources

  Migration Checklist

  Migration Schedule

Essential Questions

  • What is happening?

    ASU is migrating all employee email accounts (including Calendar and Contacts) from Microsoft Exchange to Office 365.

  • When is it happening?

    Areas of campus will be migrated to Office 365 at different times. For details please refer to the Office 365 Migration Timeline.

  • Who does it effect?

    All ASU Faculty and Staff

  • How will it be done?

    ASU IT has partnered with a vendor to help with the migration. We will use a utility to migrate email, calendar, tasks, and personal contacts to Office 365. Once the migration is done, users will need to perform a few simple steps to finish the migration on all of their devices.

  • Will my email address change?

    No. Your email address will not change.

    However you will need to use your full email address (i.e. rather than just your username to log into Outlook and webmail.

  • Will my email Password change?

    No. Your email password will not change.

    It will be the same as the password you are using now for computer login and email login. When you change your computer/network password, your Office 365 password will also change. 

  • Will I lose any data in the migration?

    The migration utility has been designed to migrate all email, calendar, tasks, and contacts. In addition, all signatures, mail rules, and other settings should remain intact.

  • How can I prepare for the migration?

    Employees will receive communication as we get closer to migrating their areas. In the meantime, please review the information on this website, including the timeline and migration checklist.

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