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Office 365 Update Guide for Android

Android will not automatically update your email account from Exchange to Office 365. You will need to delete your email account and re-add it. After your account has been migrated, follow these steps to finish the process.

Update Steps

Click the screenshots below to view them full-size. Note: the screenshots were taken from a Samsung device. Other devices may vary.

You must be connected to the ASU WiFi network during this process.

  1. Open Microsoft Exchange account settingsOpen the Settings App and select “Accounts”. In the Accounts list tap “Microsoft Exchange Active Sync”.
  2. Remove AccountIn the account settings tap “More” and then “Remove Account”. If asked to continue tap “Remove Account” again.
  3. Add Microsoft Exchange accountIn the account list tap “Add account” and then choose “Microsoft Exchange Active Sync”.
  4. Enter account detailsEnter your email address ( and password. Tap “Sign In”. If you are prompted for a server address, type in
  5. Allow Remote Security AuthorizationWhen prompted to allow remote security administration tap “OK” and then “Activate”.
  6. Sign inChange or accept account settings and tap “Sign In”. Optionally set an account name. Tap “Done”.

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