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Office 365 Update Guide for Apple Mail

Apple Mail will not automatically update your email account from Exchange to Office 365. You will need to delete your email account and re-add it. After your account has been migrated, follow these steps to finish the process.

Update Steps

Click the screenshots below to view them full-size.

  1. System Preferences - Internet AccountsOpen System Preferences (Apple Menu > System Preferences) and select Internet Accounts.
  2. Delete old accountSelect your existing exchange account and click the delete button at the bottom of the window.
  3. Add new accountWith no other accounts selected on the left, click the Exchange button to add a new account.
  4. Enter account detailsEnter your name, email address (, and password. Click “Sign In”.
  5. Select appsSelect the apps you want to use. Click “Done”.

At this point your mail, calendar events, and contacts will begin re-syncing to your computer. This process can take some time depending on how many emails you have in your mailboxes, but you can continue to work while the sync takes place.

To make the process quicker, consider cleaning up your mailboxes and deleting any old unneeded emails before your migration occurs. Refer to the Migration Checklist for more information.

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