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  • Important information regarding International Travel

    All employees and students traveling internationally as part of their employment or approved study shall participate in the insurance program per operating policy 70.10. Please review the policy at the following link and contact the Center for International Studies for more details.

    International Travel Insurance Program

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Update to State Rental Car Contract

Hertz Rent a Car has been added to the State of Texas rental car contract. Information for renting a car with Hertz through the state contract can be found on our Travel Planning page.

Change in Mileage Reimbursement Rate

Please note that effective January 1, 2018 the reimbursement rate for mileage will be $0.545/mile.

Traveling on State Funds

When traveling on state funds (00XX) be sure to include the following information on your travel expense log.

  • Time you departed from headquarters (San Angelo, TX)
  • How you traveled to and from your destination (rental car, personal car, air)
  • Time you arrived at your destination
  • How you traveled to and from your hotel (rental car, personal car, taxi) during your trip
  • Description of the type/purpose of the meetings you attended
  • The official name of the conference/event you attended ( No Abbreviations)
  • Times your meetings began and ended each day
  • Where your conference/meeting was held each day
  • How you traveled to and from your meeting location each day
  • Time you departed from your destination
  • Time you arrived back at headquarters (San Angelo, TX).

Mission Statement

The function of the Travel Office is to serve and support ASU faculty and staff while providing assistance and guidance regarding all travel policies and procedures. We are responsible for ensuring strict adherence to all State of Texas and ASU operating guidelines. Our goal is to expedite all travel reimbursements as quickly and accurately as possible.