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Steps by Step Student Travel

1. Plan Ahead

Arrange travel with a faculty/staff advisor and the Center for Student Involvement (if using SOLF funds). Please allow yourself plenty of time to complete all applications – do not wait until the last minute. 

The Travel Office requests all approved paperwork be received at least five days prior to the first day of travel. (At least two weeks advanced notice is preferred if airfare is involved.)

  1. Contact the ASU Travel Office for price quotes on airfare.
  2. Be aware of deadlines for registrations – do not wait until the last minute.
  3. The advance check will be made payable to the advisor’s name on the Travel Authorization Request Form. Be sure this advisor is able to pick up the check and disperse the money prior to your trip. Checks will not be given directly to a student.
  4. Maintain contact with your advisor throughout the travel process.

2. Travel Authorization

The Travel Authorization Request (TAR) Form should be completed by the faculty/staff advisor who is responsible for the student/group. The advisor must attach a list of everyone who is traveling.

  1. The advance check can include expenses for all students, plus the one advisor. No other employees should be included with a Travel Advance (one advance is given per trip).
  2. Indicate if airfare is to be pre-paid on the Business Travel Account or if registration will be pre-paid by requisition.
  3. Indicate the date that the advance is needed.
  4. If the advisor is not traveling with the student(s), the advisor must send a memo stating the reason he/she is unable to travel, and the memo must receive vice presidential approval prior to traveling.
  5. Please complete the Hotel Overage Memo section on the TAR (if necessary).

3. Student/Group Travel Form

The Student/Group Travel Form must be signed by the organization’s president.

4. Student/Group Travel List

A copy of the Student/Group Travel List should be sent to the University Police and the Travel Office.

5. Student Travel Profile

Complete the Student Travel Profile and submit with the Travel Authorization Request Form if airfare will be purchased by the Travel Office.

6. Student Activity Release Form

Each student should complete a Student Activity Release Form.

7. Signatures

Obtain proper signatures on the TAR (international requires vice presidential approval). Budget authorities should also sign next to their account information.

8. Pre-Travel

Once the Travel Office receives the approved authorization (TAR), we will process payment for registrations and airfare as requested. 

9. Pick Up Check  

You can contact the Travel Office at any time for an update on the status of your advance. Checks are to be picked up in the Accounts Payable Office located behind the University Police Department.

10. Keep Track of the Money

Remember, every penny of the advance must be accounted for upon your return. Please keep all of your receipts (even if you think you will not need them). Ask for an itemized receipt any time you spend money from the advance.

11. Student Expense Report

Upon returning, the advisor must complete a Student Expense Report listing all expenses paid from the advance money. The advisor and budget authority should sign the Student Expense Report, which is due to the Travel Office within 15 days of the return date.

Please note: Employees who fail to submit the Student Travel Expense Report and unused funds within 15 days after each trip may be denied any future advances. For more information, see OP 70.09.

12. Deposit the Money

Any unused funds should be deposited into the appropriate account within 15 days of your return date. Deposits are made in the Bursar’s Office in the Administration Building. A receipt of deposit must be sent to the Travel Office or attached with the Student Expense Report. If money is due to the advisor, a reimbursement will be made in accordance with ASU policies.

Please remember that the advisor is responsible for the money advanced for student travel and for making sure that all paperwork is completed in a timely manner. Please be aware of Student Travel Policies prior to accepting an advance from ASU.