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September 7, 2006
University Police Alerts Community to Crimes Occurring Off Campus

The ASU community should be aware of several crimes around campus since the start of fall classes. Two recent robberies have occurred in an area bounded by Vanderventer and W. Avenue N between Johnson Street and Jackson Street.

The first robbery occurred on August 22 and involved two young black males robbing two students at gunpoint. The students were not harmed in the incident.

A second aggravated robbery occurred in the parking lot of a nightclub located at 2319 W. Ave N. on September 5th The victim was forced into a vehicle at gunpoint by three young black males and taken to another location. The victim was forced to give the suspects money from his bank account. The victim was physically assaulted and released.

Later in the morning, two black males were arrested by city police at the Casa Apartments, 1810 S. Fillmore, and charged with Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle, Aggravated Robbery and Assault with Bodily Injury. The subjects arrested were believed to be involved in the second robbery. City police have yet to charge the two in reference to the August 22 incident.

While these robberies have not occurred on the ASU campus, the proximity of these events should be of concern to the university community. Police suggest being extremely vigilant when frequenting these areas. The potential threat remains until the suspects of the first robbery are arrested and charged. As always, the University Police Department urges members of the campus community to pay attention to your surroundings, avoid dark areas, refrain from talking to strangers, try to travel with a group, if possible, and always trust your instincts. If something looks or feels out of place, immediately report the circumstances to police. Suspicious activity in these areas should be immediately reported either to the San Angelo Police Department by calling 911 or the University Police Department at 942-2071.

The University Police Department has obtained crime statistics for the immediate geographical area surrounding campus. These stats reflect other criminal activity in the area reported to the San Angelo Police Department in the last month.

  • Aggravated Robbery (2)
  • Assaults (8)
  • Burglary (11)
  • Unauthorized Use Motor Vehicle (2)
  • Thefts (7)
  • Criminal Mischiefs (8)
  • Narcotics (1)

For more information, please feel free to contact the University Police Department. This alert is issued in accordance to the Campus Crime Safety Act of 1998. Such alerts are issued when police feel events pose a serious or continuing threat to the campus community.

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