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Stylizing Photos and Galleries with LiveWhale CMS

Photos are important to keep your site interesting. Galleries have multiple styles that can add some real “pop” to your page. Single photos have separate styles that are easy to use, as well. 

Know the Difference - Galleries and Inline Galleries

The galleries widget displays a list of galleries.  Gallery links can be clicked to view the full, interactive gallery. If you wish to instead embed a single interactive gallery in your web page, use the inline gallery widget.

Example Photo Gallery

  • Single Photos

    Stylizing a single photo is very simple. When you place the photo on your page, there is a formats drop-down on the WYSIWYG toolbar.
    Image Styles Dropdown

    Within this menu, there is an “image styles” section, with “Snapshot” and “Bordered.” With the image selected, you can select these styles from the drop-down and they will be automatically applied.

    Bordered Bordered

    Snapshot Snapshot

  • Galleries Widget
    1. Once the actual photo gallery is created, go to the widgets tab and click “add a new widget.”

    2. For widget type, select “Galleries.”

    3. There are no customizable classes for galleries, so any settings you apply won’t conflict with the style.

  • Inline Galleries Widget

    Creating an Inline Gallery Widget

    There are several customizable styles you can select from to give your gallery widget the style that works the best for your page.  You can chose them from the option “Use the Template” in the “Basic” section of the widget creation menu.

    Minimal Gallery

    A minimal gallery will show one large image with thumbnails at the bottom for the rest of the images in your gallery.

    Shadowbox Gallery

    Shadowbox galleries are thumbnail views of each photo that open to a separate page with the full size image when clicked.

    Slideshow Galleries

    A Slideshow gallery is the typical gallery that you see on any webpage with scrolling images.  There is a setting for the slideshow effect at the bottom of the widget menu that controls the scrolling. If the slideshow effect is not turned on in the widget settings, the widget will display a shadowbox gallery.

    Flip Galleries

    Flip Galleries display a cover image, and expand into a full-page slideshow when clicked.