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Stylizing Tables

  • Create a Table

    Table options are now part of the WYSIWYG toolbar, next to the text alignment fields. Right-clicking a table no longer brings up the options to edit the table.

    Creating a New Table

    Click the table button, then insert table. Select the number of columns and rows you need by dragging your cursor along the squares, and click the cell once you’ve made your selection.

    Table Requirements

    Table captions are required for accessibility purposes. Place your cursor in the table, then click the table button in the toolbar, and select “table properties.” Select the checkbox for caption, and click save.

    The table caption serves as a heading for the table, and is the first thing read by accessibility software when reading a table, so give your table a clear caption that describes the information in the table. Do NOT use the table caption as part of the intended text to be read.

  • Stylize your Table
    Table Caption
    # First Name Last Name
    1 John Doe
    2 Jane Doe

    Stylizing Tables

    1. Use the table tools to create your table.
    2. with your cursor in the table, click the table button on the toolbar and select “table properties”
      Using the table styles button in the toolbar, select the second option, "table properties"
    3. Under “general”, click the “caption” checkbox, then click “ok.” This adds the caption field (shown above), which is required for accessibility.
      In the General tab of table properties, click the checkbox for "caption"
    4. Populate your table with your data.
    5. Once your table is populated, with your cursor still in the table, use the “formats” dropdown to select table style “Styled Table”
      In the "formats" tab of the toolbar, select "Stylized Table"
    6. By placing your cursor in the header row, you can use the table menu to update the header to the correct style.
      1. Click the table button, select row > row properties
      2. in the “Row” dropdown, select “header” and click ok.
        In the table row properties, use the "row" dropdown to select "header"
    7. Note that you can select any row or column using the table tool to adjust alignment, cell type, etc.