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Engaging in Conversation

Having a social media presence comes with the responsibility of remaining appropriate and respectful online.

When representing ASU on social media, you must know how to respond and react appropriately to others. Read the information below to help you participate in and facilitate social media conversations. 


Be respectful. 

Always encourage different opinions and viewpoints.

Respond quickly.

Be accurate.

Be smart.

Monitor your audience.

Maintain confidentiality.

Be transparent.


If content on an ASU affiliated social media account is considered derogatory, discriminatory, bullying, threatening, defamatory, offensive, intimidating, harassing, creating legal liability for the university or bringing the university into disrepute (this may include comments, videos or photographs that have been posted on social media sites about the university, students, work colleagues or managers), the university may take action through employee or student disciplinary procedures.

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