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Learn more about hashtags and how to use them on social media.

What Are Hashtags?

A hashtag is a word or phrase that begins with the pound sign (#) and is used to help categorize social media posts. Hashtags can help you develop brand recognition, appear in searches, add context to your posts and reach specific audiences. Before using a hashtag on a social media post, be sure to research the posts that are associated with that hashtag.

It is best to use CamelCase hashtags, which capitalize the first letter of each word. For example, use the hashtag #AngeloState instead of #ANGELOSTATE or #angelostate. This makes hashtags easier to read for all users, especially those who use screen readers. Try to use only a few hashtags in a single post.

Best Practices

What to Avoid:

Best Practice:

Commonly Used Hashtags

Use these commonly used hashtags to join conversations across all platforms.

#AngeloState #RamFam #AngeloAchieves
#OnlyAtAngelo #AngeloBound #IChoseAngeloState
#AngeloAlum #AngeloGrad #IAmAngelo

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