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Accessibility Compliance

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires that federal agencies make all public content accessible to people with disabilities. This was modified to include social media in January of 2018.

For more information about accessibility standards and guidelines, visit the Web Accessibility Initiative website.

General Accessibility Tips

Follow these general tips to be accessible across various social media platforms. Each social media platform has its own accessibility policy and guidelines. Please review each platform’s policy to make sure you are ADA compliant. Remember, you can only be as accessible as the platform allows.

Students walk by the Porter Henderson Library and talk.

Alternative Text

Learn what alternative text is and how to use it on different social media platforms.

Student showing another student something on a tablet outside.

Video Captions

Learn what video captions are and how to use them on different social media platforms.

Student taking a photo of a student holding up the ram hand.


Learn what hashtags are and the best ways to use them on social media.

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