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Appendix D: Campus Resources

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  • Office of Academic Affairs

    Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs - AD 204    

    College of Arts and Humanities

    Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities - CARR 146

    Department of Communication and Mass Media - LIB B309              

    Department of English and Modern Languages - A 010

    Department of History - A 210

    Department of Political Science and Philosophy - RAS 213

    Department of Security Studies and Criminal Justice - HAR 202

    Department of Visual and Performing Arts - CARR 139

    College of Education

    Dean of the College of Education - CARR 104

    Department of Curriculum and Instruction - CARR 154

    Department of Teacher Education - CARR 145

    College of Graduate Studies and Research - AD 109

    Archer College of Health and Human Services

    Dean of the Archer College of Health and Human Services - HHS 202 

    Department of Health Science Professions - HHS 222 

    Department of Kinesiology -Ben Kelly CHP 201

    Department of Nursing  - HHS 318

    Department of Physical Therapy - HHS 224        

    Department of Psychology and Sociology - A 204

    Department of Social Work - HHS 224

    College of Science and Engineering

    Department of Agriculture - VIN 212

    Department of Biology - CAV 101

    Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry - CAV 102L

    Department of Computer Science - MCS 205

    David L. Hirschfeld Department of Engineering - VIN 268

    Department of Mathematics - MCS 220

    Department of Physics and Geosciences - VIN 114

    Norris-Vincent College of Business

    Dean of the Norris-Vincent College of Business - RAS 262

    Department of Accounting, Economics, and Finance - RAS 258

    Department of Aerospace Studies - RAS 227

    Department of Management and Marketing - RAS 212

    Administrative Staff

    Athletic Director - Junell Center 226
    (Academic, Athletic, and Health Records of Student Athletes)

    Chief of University Police (Incident Reports and Police Investigations) - Reidy Bldg.

    Clinic Director (Medical Records) - University Clinic

    Director of Admissions (Admissions Files) - HAR 101

    Director of Affiliated Military & Veteran Services - UC 113

    Director of Career Development (Career Files) - UC 107

    Director of Counseling Services (Counseling Records) - University Clinic

    Director of Financial Aid (Financial Aid and Scholarship Records) - HAR 101

    Director of Housing and Residential Programs (Housing Records) - Centennial Village

    Director of Multicultural Programs/Student Activities Center (Student Organization Records - UC 114

    Director of Registrar Services (Permanent Academic Record Files) - HAR 200

    Director of Scholarship Programs (Scholarship Records) - HAR 215

    Director of Student Disability Services (ADA Records) - UC 112

    Director of Student Life  - UC 001

    Director of Title IX Compliance (Title IX Records) - AD 204

    Director of University Recreation - Ben Kelly CHP 113

    Executive Director of Enrollment Management - HAR 100A

    Executive Director of Student Affairs (Discipline and Conduct Records) - UC 112

    Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management - AD 205 

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