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Part II: Community Policies

D. Class Absences

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  • 1. Class Absences

    Responsibility for class attendance rests with the student. Regular and punctual attendance at all scheduled classes is expected, and the University reserves the right to deal at any time, with individual cases of non-attendance. In case of an illness requiring an absence from class for more than one week, the student should notify his/her academic dean and/or the Executive Director of Student Affairs or designee.  Angelo State University Operating Policy 10.04, Academic Regulations Concerning Student Performance provides complete information regarding class attendance and reporting student illness and emergencies.

  • 2. Religious Holy Day Absences

    A student who intends to observe a religious holy day should make that intention known in writing to the instructor prior to the absence. More information is available in University Operating Policy 10.19, Student Absences for Observance of Religious Holy Days.

  • 3. Student Absence due to Sponsorship of Student Activities and Off-Campus Trips

    1. Faculty, department chairpersons, directors, or others responsible for a student representing the University on officially approved trips should notify the student’s instructors of the departure and return schedules in advance of the trip. The instructor so notified must not penalize the student, although the student is responsible for material missed. Students absent because of University business must be given the same privileges as other students (e.g., if other students are given the choice of dropping one of four tests, then students with excused absences must be given the same privilege).
    2. According to University Operating Policy 10.04, Academic Regulations Concerning Student Performance, students will be responsible for making their own individual arrangements with instructors for class work missed while participating in an off-campus trip.


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