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Part II: Community Policies

H. Housing Requirements

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  • 1. Housing Information

    1. The Angelo State University residence hall system includes a variety of living options and affordable housing for approximately 2218 students. Living/Learning Communities provide students with the opportunity to live with others of similar interests or major. Our current Living/Learning Communities are housed in Plaza Verde Residence Hall, Texan Hall, Centennial Village and Carr Hall. Centennial Village, which is arranged in two- bedroom/one bath units or four-bedroom/two bath units, offers private bedrooms in a suite-style setting. Likewise, Texan Hall offers private bedrooms with a shared common area in a suite-style setting. Carr Hall offers suite-style accommodations. Most suites are comprised of two double-occupancy rooms adjoined by shared bathrooms. Carr Hall includes a limited number of private suites with two single-occupancy rooms adjoined by a shared bath. Vanderventer Apartments offer fully furnished apartment style living with full kitchens and an on-site free laundry room. Plaza Verde, Mary Massie and Robert Massie Residence Halls all house residents in a double-occupancy room with its own bath. 
    2. Ethernet computer connections are provided in each room. All halls have WiFi. However, students are encouraged to utilize Ethernet connections for quizzes, homework, etc. Other services include laundry rooms, vending machines, and 24-hour professional staff.
    3. An experienced and trained staff of Area Coordinators, Student Hall Directors and Resident Assistants manages each residence hall. Each residence hall office provides assistance to residents with concerns, including maintenance requests, room and roommate assignments, and resource information.
    4. The interests of students living on campus are promoted through the Residence Hall Association. The Residence Hall Association sponsors social, cultural, educational, and recreational activities and participation in the activities is a wonderful way for students to be engaged in their community.
    5. Complete information regarding campus housing can be found on the Residential Programs website. Information regarding residence hall policies can be found on the Residential Programs exemption webpage.

  • 2. Housing Policy

    In support of the Strategic Plan of Angelo State University, the University requires all first-time students who are not residents of Tom Green County to live in University residence halls for the first year, two long semesters of enrollment, regardless of total credit hours. Compliance with the University Housing Policy is a condition of enrollment, as set forth in the Angelo State University Student Handbook and the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog and approved by the Board of Regents.

  • 3. Housing Requirements

    1. Subject to verification and authorization by Housing and Residential Programs, students who meet one or more of the following criteria may be given permission to live off campus prior to moving in:
      • A student who graduated from a Tom Green County High School.
      • A student is residing and continues to reside in the established primary residence of her/his parent(s) (or legal guardian), grandparent(s), or sibling(s), if it is within a 70-mile radius of Angelo State University. The parents must have established their primary San Angelo residency at least one year prior to the request for an exemption. Legal guardianship must have been established by a court of law at least one year prior to the request.
      • A student presents sufficient evidence of an extreme financial hardship condition based on guidelines similar to those required for Financial Aid.
      • A student is married or has dependent children living with the student.
      • A student is 21 years of age or over on or before the first day of classes of the initial semester of enrollment.
      • A transfer student has successfully completed the equivalent of the one year live on requirement. If the college or university does not require the student to reside on campus, and the student successfully completed two long semester, they will be exempted.
      • A student has served six months or more in active military service, as verified by a discharge certificate (DD214).
      • A student presents sufficient evidence of an extreme medical condition, as documented by his/her treating physician for which on-campus accommodations cannot be made.
      • A student presents sufficient and satisfactory evidence of extreme or unusual hardship that will be intensified by living in the residence halls.
      • A student is enrolled in on-line classes only.
      • A student is taking less than 12 hours during the academic year.
    2. In conjunction with the University’s support of academic integrity, evidence of deliberate falsification of information, data, or any materials submitted, or providing false or erroneous information in connection with an application for exemption from the on-campus housing requirement may be grounds for disciplinary action. Violations will be reported through the Student Conduct Office.
    3. Students sign a Residence Hall Contract for the summer session or the academic year (fall and spring semesters). Any student wishing to move from the residence halls should consult the Residence Hall Contract for the provisions applicable to cancellation of the contract.
    4. Signing a lease for off-campus housing does not relieve the student of contractual obligations with the University for housing in the residence halls. The student is responsible for complying with all provisions of the Angelo State University Housing and Residential Programs Contract.
    5. The student is responsible for updating any incorrect information including place of residence with the Registrar’s Office.

  • 4. Room and Dining Plan Fees and Advance Payments

    1. Room and dining plan fees are due and payable by the semester and will be billed by Student Accounts and Bursar’s Office. Room and dining plan fees become a part of the student’s bill, and as such, payment plans are available. Payments must be made by the scheduled due dates to avoid delays in registration. Additional remedies available to the university for non-payment of room and dining plan fees include withholding the student’s transcript of grades, diploma, and other academic records, and cancellation of enrollment.
    2. Students with academic year contracts are charged 50 percent of the academic year room and dining plan rate for the fall semester and 50 percent for spring semester. Students entering the residence halls for the spring semester with an academic year contract are charged 50 percent of the academic year rate.


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