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About the Concho Valley VISTA Placement Project

The Concho Valley VISTA Placement Project at Angelo State University requests proposals for one-year placements of AmeriCorps VISTA Members. VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) is a federal antipoverty program administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service. CNCS provides VISTA members to support projects at nonprofit, grassroots organizations, and local government agencies that operate programs to help alleviate poverty in the United States within their approved focus areas.

What Can a VISTA Do?

The role of a VISTA is to help build capacity in the Partner Agency they are placed using sustainable solutions. Hence, VISTAs do not perform direct services such as tutoring, teaching, counseling, driving clients, painting, manual labor, or clerical work. Instead of tutoring youth, for example, VISTAs may help create or expand a tutoring program by recruiting community volunteers to tutor or by obtaining funding for the program. Below are some examples of the natural progression in the types of service performed by a VISTA; this not meant to be an exhaustive list of allowed activities

Vista Activities
Activity Category Examples of Capacity Building Activities Examples of Sustainability Activities
Recruiting Volunteers Develop forms and write volunteer job descriptions Develop volunteer handbook
Developing Training Materials Write training curriculum and train the trainer curriculum Develop training manual
Coordinating Projects Develop procedures and strategic plans Develop procedural guide and volunteer management system
Marketing Develop press kits and media database Secure media partners and develop schedule/procedure
Fundraising Write grants and develop databases Create planning guides and time lines
Organizing Task Forces/Coalitions Develop infrastructure of task force/coalition Implement schedule and communication expectations
Conducting Outreach Design brochures, attend community events, and deliver presentations Create mechanism for project evaluation

Requirement for Hosting a VISTA