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  • B.L. Natividad’s Photographs, B.L. Natividad
    Images in this collection include photos from Basic as well as photos from other training camps during the Cold War Era.

  • Interview with Barney Brooks, Barnett (Barney) Brooks
    Barney Brooks recounts his experiences as a pilot in the Air Force. He was initially in the Naval Reserve program in high school and then joined the Air Force. He served for 23 years. He served in Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War, and at several bases in the United States. 

  • Interview with Ben Acosta, Ben Acosta
    Ben Acosta served in the Army during the Cold War. In this interview he recounts his experiences in West Germany as a radio operator. He notes how his family was impacted during his time in Germany and some of the challenges he encountered during training.

  • Interview with Clarance Hartfield, Clarance Hartfield
    Clarance Hartfield Jr. is from Big Spring, Texas, and in this segment, he talks about his nine years of service with the United States Army. In addition to discussing his time in Germany during the Cold War as well as his role in a DUSTOFF air ambulance unit during the Vietnam War, Hartfield speaks of his experiences with segregation and integration in civilian and military life.

  • Interview with Cynthia Tomes, Cynthia Tomes
    In this interview, Cynthia Tomes discusses her experiences as the spouse of one service member and the mother of three others. She recounts the family’s time overseas in Berlin, Germany, and briefly discusses the work of Family Readiness Groups (FRG).

  • Interview with John Durkay, John Durkay
    John Durkay, a twenty-two year veteran of the Army, began his service as a mechanic but later became a Czech linguist and transferred to the intelligence services. He recounts his time serving in Germany and looks back on his service in this interview.

  • Martin Guinn Photographs, Martin Guinn
    Images in this collection include photos taken in both Germany and Korea during Guinn’s service. 


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