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  • Interview with Alfred Lapier, Alfred Lapier
    Mr. Lapier discusses his service during the Vietnam War.

  • Interview with Angel Enriquez, Angel Enriquez
    Angel Enriquez recounts his experiences serving in the Air Force. He was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Note: This interview contains explicit language. 

  • Interview with Barney Brooks, Barnett (Barney) Brooks
    Barney Brooks recounts his experiences as a pilot in the Air Force. He was initially in the Naval Reserve program in high school and then joined the Air Force. He served for 23 years. He served in Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War, and at several bases in the United States. 

  • Interview with Ben Acosta, Ben Acosta
    Ben Acosta served in the Army during the Cold War. In this interview he recounts his experiences in West Germany as a radio operator. He notes how his family was impacted during his time in Germany and some of the challenges he encountered during training.

  • Interview with Bill Martin, Bill Martin
    William “Bill” Martin is a Vietnam-era veteran who served in the US Army in Korea where he patrolled the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. Martin was originally from Iowa but moved to Texas after marrying his wife Linda. In this interview, he talks about his time in Korea as well as readjusting to civilian life.

  • Interview with Brittney Miller, Brittney Miller
    In this interview, Mrs. Miller talks about her experiences the partner and, later, wife of a service member. Her husband, Caleb, served four years as a United States Marine, and Brittney communicates the struggles that accompany deployment and offers advice to those whose spouses are currently serving.

  • Interview with Caesar Melendez, Caesar Melendez
    Interview with Caesar Melendez, a native of Marfa, Texas who served in the U.S. Navy. Melendez was stationed in Hawaii for much of his time serving, though he often travelled on the U.S.S. Willamette. Aboard the Willamette, he saw many other countries, including Australia, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Japan, and more. 

  • Interview with Caleb Miller, Caleb Miller
    In this interview, Caleb Miller discusses his service in the United States Marine Corps. He describes his work as a heavy equipment operator and his deployment with a Marine Expeditionary Unit. Miller mentions how his family was affected by his service and speaks to the distinct culture of West Texas.

  • Interview with Carl McCoy, Carl McCoy
    In this interview, Mr. McCoy shares his lengthy military career in the United States Marine Corps, Oklahoma Army National Guard, and United States Army. McCoy talks about his role in Operation Iraqi Freedom, military technology, and how being from Texas shaped his years of service.

  • Interview with Cathy Allison, Cathy Allison
    Cathy Allison, wife of veteran Glenn Allison, talks about the challenges she and her husband have faced in civilian life. Her husband was injured while serving in the Vietnam War, and Allison discusses her perspective as a military spouse in this segment.

  • Interview with Clarance Hartfield, Clarance Hartfield
    Clarance Hartfield Jr. is from Big Spring, Texas, and in this segment, he talks about his nine years of service with the United States Army. In addition to discussing his time in Germany during the Cold War as well as his role in a DUSTOFF air ambulance unit during the Vietnam War, Hartfield speaks of his experiences with segregation and integration in civilian and military life.

  • Interview with Cynthia Tomes, Cynthia Tomes
    In this interview, Cynthia Tomes discusses her experiences as the spouse of one service member and the mother of three others. She recounts the family’s time overseas in Berlin, Germany, and briefly discusses the work of Family Readiness Groups (FRG).

  • Interview with Darla Camron, Darla Camron
    In this interview, Darla Camron looks back and discusses her understanding of her uncle Larry Calcote’s military service when she was only eight years old. Camron speaks to her limited understanding of the Vietnam conflict and the challenges her family faced as a result of Larry’s absence.

  • Interview with David Neyland, David Neyland
    David Neyland discusses his service in the United States Army as an infantryman and paratrooper during the Vietnam conflict. The son of a chief master sergeant in the Air Force, Neyland talks about what it’s like to grow up in a military family. Neyland earned two Purple Hearts and two Bronze Stars with “V” devices for valor.

  • Interview with Delorice Honeyman, Delorice Honeyman
    Delorice Honeyman recounts her experiences being married to Robert Honeyman while he served in WWII and her experiences living in Germany during the post-WWII occupation.

  • Interview with Dimas Contreras, Dimas Contreras
    Dimas Contreras has a family history with the military that reaches back to the Civil War. He lived in numerous locations including Germany because of his father’s time in the military as well as his own service before settling in Fort Stockton, Texas. Contreras was drafted into the US Army during the Vietnam War.

  • Interview with Dylan Benavidez, Dylan Benavidez
    Mr. Benavidez recounts his time serving in Operations Iraqi Freedom and New Dawn.

  • Interview with Edmundo De La Rosa, Edmundo De La Rosa
    In this interview, Edmundo De La Rosa recounts his time in Vietnam. He notes the differences between American and Vietnamese cultures, the work he completed in Vietnam, and the experience of going home.

  • Interview with Emmanuel Pierre, Emmanuel Pierre
    Emmanuel Pierre from Haiti served in the U.S. Army during the Iraq War. In this interview, he recounts different aspects of his job servicing aircraft and emphasizes the importance of young men and women choosing to serve. 

  • Interview with Eugene Dale Miller, Eugene Dale Miller
    Eugene Dale Miller recounts his experiences serving as an Army Air Force bombardier in Italy during World War II. His wife, Louise Miller, assists in the interview. 
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