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Steps for Registration

How to Schedule an Appointment with your Advisor

How to Access Schedule Planner

How to Add Course & Breaks within Schedule Planner

How to View Holds and Prepare for Registration

How to Register from Schedule Planner

How to Add or Drop a Course in Ramport

  1. See your academic advisor. This individual will clear you to register after advising is complete. Please note: all undergraduate degree-seeking students are required to see their academic advisor prior to registering for classes.
  2. Access the online self-service registration system to register. Click the “Add/Drop Courses” icon on the RamPort Registration page from any campus computer lab or any location that has internet access.
  3. Schedule Planner allows you to build your schedule. Once you have selected a schedule you can save your schedule and send it to the Schedule Planner Cart. This feature will allow you to preplan your schedule and store it for when registration begins.
    • If you are not TSI complete in Math, Reading, or Writing, your advisor will instruct you to select “T-section” courses for MATH and/or ENGLISH. For additional information, see How to filter to select only the “T sections”.
    • If you are TSI complete you will need to use the filter feature to select your Math and/or English courses. You will need to deselect any “T” sections.
  4. In the registration system, you must provide some information as part of the registration process:

    • Confirm Address and Phone Number.
    • Authorize Federal Student Aid funds. If you are receiving financial aid, you must also indicate if you wish for your financial aid to cover optional fee, such as your post office box and parking permit.
    • Consent to contact. This will allow ASU to contact you about important notices, such as bill due dates and billing questions.
    • Accept Billing Terms and Conditions.

    If you experience any errors when registering for courses, view the Self-Service Registration document for explanations or contact the Registrar’s Office at 325-942-2043.

  5. Get a student ID. New students should contact the OneCard Office to get a student ID card.
  6. Pay for your classes by the deadline date. See the academic calendar for details.

Please note: Failure to pay by the deadline may result in your class schedule being dropped.

Additional Resources

Registration Restrictions and Approvals

Read about registration restrictions and approvals under specific circumstances.

Registration Restrictions and Approvals

Self Service Registration Error

Students can access the Self Service Registration Error document if they have difficulty registering.

Registration Error Document

Acadeum Web Page

Online Consortia Courses
Angelo State University offers access to additional online courses from regionally accredited colleges and universities in good standing through a partnership with Acadeum.

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